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50 Hilarious Dog Photos Shared By Their Owners Who Are Inquiring “What’s Wrong With Their Dogs”

Sometimes dogs get so weird that we have to ask ourselves “what’s wrong with my dog?”

No doubt dogs are faithful, obedient and good bois but they are also weird. They have the weirdest habits. They love getting loved by their owners but at the same time, they would act weird to get their human’s attention. There is a subreddit known as “What’s wrong with your dog” and dog owners have been posting the photos of their doggos acting weird. This subreddit has compiled adorable photos of all the crazy and derpy doggos who bring happiness to everyone’s lives with their craziness. We have compiled 50 hilarious photos from “What’s wrong with your dog” for your viewing pleasure. Scroll down and have fun!

1. “Teddy is obsessed with Animal Documentaries. He runs into the room when hearing Sir David Attenborough’s voice”

Via: Purple-Intern9790

2. When he is irresistible:


Via: pheasant_plucking_da

3. When you are all grown up but you still want to fit in your favorite place:


Via: MeliaDanae

4. He is trying his best to act like a squirrel:


Via: Moudrostt

5. When it starts with a kiss:


Via: AphroditeEros69

6. “My girl at doggy daycare today. She is beauty and she is grace.”


Via: Jcarrxo

The girl is acting crazy at the daycare.

7. Meet the new Branch Manager:


Via: drug_mafia

8. The real-life Eeyore:


Via: country_cat

9. She is waiting for her human to throw the ball:


Via: eleanorisconfused

10. “When assembling your dog kit, be sure to follow the instructions to avoid disasters like this”


Via: AphroditeEros69

11. Who wants to adopt this derpy face?

Via: pixieclifton

12. That’s how these two cuties sleep:


Via: JennyBagaDonuts

13. When your dog is having a good time at the beach:

Via: Vanessa-Leen

That’s a cool dog at the beach.

14. When you come back home tired and just want to snooze off:


Via: upbeatdigger_52

15. “Accidentally said the word “walk” while talking to my boyfriend”

Via: KingTutStinkyButt

16. When you are daydreaming:


Via: ajar_basis00

17. When a dog is cooler than you:

Via: cenabollywood

18. “When nervous she usually puts a paw on my foot for support. Here she was formally introduced to someone new.”


Via: Substantial_Date_38

19. When your local fire department posts this:


20. Trying to take the biggest bite:


Via: AphroditeEros69

21. Working from home is not that easy:

Via: Charlietd76

22. When your dog can not sleep without a slice of apple:


Via: mizziness

23. If a photo can describe a dog and cat relationship:

Via: Kif_the_mad_yiffer

24. “He was snoring too…”


Via: sebal_fathey

25. Meet the goodest boy:

Via: TheOogs

You can’t argue with a dog. They have their own logic, they would refuse to sleep without a slice of apple, they would get on the roof, and would bite trees even they know they can’t bite them. They would fight with cats and sit on the poor cats. They would not let you work from home because they would disturb you, tease you and get your attention somehow. And you would be asking yourself “what’s wrong with my dog?”

26. “My dogs share a mouth sometimes.”


Via: BeanzMeanzBranston

27. “I don’t remember getting a 3rd guinea pig…”


Via: Nanxx68

28. “Going for a swim”

Via: Fernando_357

29. “Somebody posted this in the dog group I’m in”


Via: FutureDrMadi

30. “I suggested we go inside, and was immediately side eyed.”

Via: Less-Feature1412

31. “Unearthed this creature from under a fleece blanket.”

Via: vthehuman

32. “A story of confusion”


Via: Tittiesandtacos87

33. “My dad just got an email from Amazon…”

Via: PunkinMan

34. “He’s a little confused but he got the spirit”

Via: xv-Vicious

35. “Gertie’s parents were 20 minutes late serving dinner”


Via: beqamermaid

36. “Let’s just say the new pup is comfortable.”

Via: tide14

37. “He likes to hold hands when he’s waiting for his dad”

Via: Hot-Consideration904

38. “Does he thinks he is a spying or something?”


Via: MeliaDanae

39. “My dog looks like her love has been away at sea for 90 days, and she’s awaiting his return”

Via: lesthemess2

40. “This is Eyce. Eyce is 10 years old. Eyce really wants a taste of my pizza even though he’s blind and has no teeth. He’s so weird, but I absolutely adore him and he has been by my side for a decade! Don’t be mean!”

Via: EvasiveJoker425

41. “Sully the therapy dog at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital-Lake St. Louis thought the microphone was his new toy”


Via: cenabollywood

42. “He’s frozen with this look since I stopped giving him scratches.”

Via: Poeticyst

43. “When the mower is coming but your dog is too lazy to move.”

Via: sbstnh

44. “Hiccup had quite a day at the dog park”


Via: mistergiantacorn

45. “I was going on a walk when I heard barking, but I couldn’t find the dog. Then I looked up…”

Via: badguywindow

46. “She loves to cuddle”

Via: Jukeboxhero40

47. “Steamed a loaf of bread in this towel, put it on the dogs head and sat like this for 5 minutes”


Via: the_smush_push

48. “Ellie is VERY Judgmental and Generally Disapproving of Everyone”

Via: Constable_Wiggum63

49. “Sits like a…. fish?”

Via: emrylle

50. “Roscoe took Christmas decoration duty into his own hands (paws) last night”

Via: franklegsTV

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