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Wholesome Pictures Of Birds Cuddling That Are Too Cute To Handle

Are you getting enough cuddles and hugs? If not, then we have all what is needed to inspire you.

It is not only humans who need cuddling and hugging to maintain good health and emotional well-being, birds need it too. In fact, they like to do it all the time. Cuddling is a common practice in birds to show their love and affection. It is a way to build a strong bond with their owners and fellow birds too. They love to huddle with each other when in flock or while resting in shrubs or on trees. Many birds are habitual of cuddling their owners too. Well, it is understandable. I mean, who wouldn’t like a hug from these cute little fluffies?


Humans need 12 hugs a day for a better growth, but the number is certainly much higher in birds as we see them cuddling all the time. These wholesome pictures of birds huddling together on tree branches, trunks, stick, rope and almost everywhere will definitely make your day. Check these out!

#1 Who else saw a caterpillar?

José Luis Rodríguez

#2 Fair feather friends!

Katherine Westover

#3 Keeping it warm!

Keith Williams 

#4 “We watch you!”

John Hill

#5 A perfect fairy wren family


As hugs help reduce stress and maintain a healthy blood pressure in human body, birds also benefit from this practice. Cuddling is one of the adaptation methods in birds to cope with harsh winters. In extremely low temperature, birds huddle together and share heat of their bodies to help them survive. Unlike other animals, birds lack extra fat layers in their bodies for insulation. This is why they shiver and also cuddle as these are their adaptation methods in winters to produce enough heat in the body. This increases the rate of metabolism and energy or heat released as a result keep these birds warm in long cold seasons. Some birds can even keep their body temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

#6 Cuddle buddies 


#7 What a cuddle-party looks like!


#8 Aren’t these golden eyes chicks adorable?


#9 Just posing! 

#10 A group of baby owls on a branch.

Avani Naik

#11 “Hi, everyone!”

#12 These swallows are huddling together in a snowstorm.


#13 “Let me lean on you”

#14 This finch family is the cutest!


#15 A group of smooth-billed anis on a branch

#16 “Let’s snuggle together”


#17 “We are hiding”

Sasi Smith

#18 These birds huddling up together on a building is a sight to behold


#19 Stunning Woodswallows

#20 These silvereye birds are wholesome

Amanda Keogh

#21 “Here we are, again.”

Shelley Pearson

#22 Bluebirds got no “chill”

#23 “You can’t beat us all”

#24 Ducklings family!

#25 Super cute!

 #26 Longtailed tits huddling together to keep them warm

Sue Cantan

#27 Parrots love to cuddle the most!


#28 “When is mum gonna come?”

If you loved and enjoyed these adorable pictures of cuddling birds, then let us know in the comment section.


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