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17 Lovable Pets That Have A Special Connection With Their Toys

Does your pet have a favorite toy? Do you know what it means to them? Their favorite toy means everything to them, they play most likely spend a lot of their time playing with their favorite toy, even if the thing is bigger than the pet itself. And if the toy breaks our fluffy friends are so disappointed that you can see the sadness on their faces. It is their treasure that they are not willing to share with anyone. Pets are full of energy, they are always up to something. Sometimes the way they are taking care of their favorite toy is so cute.

Here at Defused, we have collected 15 plus lovable pets that have a special connection with their toys, and they are willing to do anything for them. So what are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down below to see these cutie pies with their favorite toys. We are sure that you are going to love this post.

1. It’s all mine and am never gonna share it with anyone

via: © missblackrat / pikabu

2. This doggo is almost 18 years old and she is still sleeping with her favorite toy “Frog” she’s had for 14 years. She really loves her toy


via: © COMB__THE__DESERT / reddit

3. The toy itself is bigger than this adorable puppy


via: © Lauriefirelily / twitter

4. For some unknown reasons this beautiful doggo chose brick as her toy


via: © biglopata / pikabu

5. This corgi loves his duct tape leftovers.


via: © Pelemeha / pikabu

6. Meet Scribbles, and look at the excitement on her face as her favorite toy is being repaired

via: © MaxEhrlich / reddit

7. “Maddie waiting patiently for her favorite toy to be fixed”


via: © fabricator123 / reddit

8. “Repaired his favorite toy and now he’s not only unsatisfied with it, but he’s also extremely upset. Sorry, Bruce!


via: © Bigpapi12x / reddit

9. This cute little kitty cat ripped open his toy, this is the user’s grandma sewing it back together, just see her waiting for it to be fixed so patiently.


via: © andthenhestabbedme / reddit

10. Moment when your favorite toy get fixed


via: © fagitarius / reddit

11. I feel sad for these toys

via: © yade92 / pikabu

12. Meet this adorable doggo Seamus, who hates to leave Fingo behind


via: © Maggryan / twitter

13. Pets just love their toys

via: © Miss_Cabs / twitter

14. When you have bundle of toys but you don’t agree to share it with anyone


via: © MikeLillie / twitter

15. This is what pure happiness looks like

via: © NiqueObrien / twitter

16. “My grandma’s dog and her toys — she has never torn one apart and my grandma washes them for her!”


via: © Eightysixx / reddit

17. They were packing for their trip and this kitty cat decided to bring his elephant too

via: © lichtenbergian / twitter

These pictures above are proof that pets just love their toys. They would do anything to protect them and play with them. Their fondness for their toys is simply cute. Does your pet have a favorite toy too? Don’t hesitate to share it with us. Let us know what do you think about this post in the comment section below. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content. Thank you!.

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