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50 Of The Most Blessed & Wholesome Images That Will Make Your Smile Instantly

Wholesome content can make your day better.

Internet may seem a cool and adventurous place to some of us but many find it an uncomfortable place to be. A place where the opposites coexist, a place where we can find the happy and the sad, the good and the bad, positivity and negativity, yet a place where we can find wholesome content to fill our day with joy.

If you are having a bad day and want to lighten up your mood instantly, browse through wholesome content to bless your day. There is a Facebook group called “Blessed Imageposting” that only posts the most blessed, cute and wholesome images to bring joy into other’s lives through their meaningful and joyous content. Here, we have selected 50 most blessed and wholesome images for you people that are surely going to brighten up your day.

Credits: Blessed Imageposting

1. Kudos to the ones who rescued this cute feline.

2. Luna is a sweetheart, be like Luna.


3. Everybody say “hi Jeremy!”


4. Best daddy in the world!


5. Look at the cute boy winking at you.


6. What growing up together looks like.


7. Love knows no age, no breed.


8. We all need a cat who looks at us the way this cat is looking at her owner.


9. This cute bunny has his own corner.


10. Look at this cute baby.


Social media has been a place where people can post whatever they want, comment, like, dislike, insult and throw hate on others with just a few taps. While on the other hand, wholesomeness is a new emerging and growing trend on the internet that spreads good and happy feelings. Emerging in 2016, the concept of wholesomeness gave people a new trend of spreading positivity and happy vibes. It first gained popularity on Twitter and Tumbler then wholesome posts, memes and images become a trend. Now, we see wholesome content everywhere. The wholesome content usually promote healthy relationships, great communication, happy vibes, active listening, spreading positivity, hard work and self-respect etc. 

11. Can you have a better bodyguard?

12. She got a loving husband.


13. Creativity level on point.

14. Get me my toy!


15. Much needed therapy.

16. Who will get scared of this cute little monster?


17. Aww!! Such a cute piglet

18. Hello friend!


19. Chilling with my friend.

20. Raincoats never looked this good before.


If something is weighing you down today, just look at this cute little puppy who decided to take a walk after rain and I am sure it is enough to uplift your mood. Who would have think this little boy can look this handsome in this yellow rain coat? Not all dogs are fans of wet weather, rain can leave your little friend shivering. If you have a little furry friend, make sure to get them a raincoat so they don’t get cold when it is raining. 

21. Snails can be cute and here is a proof.

22. We are twinning today.


23. Don’t disturb me, I’m meditating.

24. Most important part of the family.


25. We can’t find him, can you?

26. Look at my new hairstyle.


27. This is how I show my love.


28. Now that’s a wholesome news.

29. Why doesn’t he quack?


30. Who wouldn’t like getting flowers from Gracie?

Let’s take a minute to appreciate how beautiful Gracie’s smile is. And wait, who wouldn’t like getting flowers from a pretty lady like Gracie? No doubt, animals are adorable creatures, its hard you would ignore them. They bring pure joy in a dark day. Just imagine walking by the street to your work and you see Gracie standing in this garden. Even this thought made your day? Right? 

31. Peek-a-boo

32. Right angle for a nap.


33. Looks like these cuties got caught red handed.

34. Look at this beautiful parrot peeking through the cactus hole. 

35. What a view!


36. Is not nature wonderful?

37. Aww, he got a new friend.

38. Blessing your eyes with this cute lemon meringue penguin.


39. Pure joy to see this kitten sleeping.

40. Does she even need any tattoos?

41. We have the same hobby.


42. Waiting till he wakes up.

43. Cats can fit into anything.

44. When your girlfriend asks for pictures.


In the dark environment of social media, it is hard to find positive and meaningful content that keeps us happy but the trend of wholesome content has made it easier. Wholesome content serves as a break from all the negativity of the world we come across on social media. It is the wholesome content that is teaching us how to stay positive in a negative world. We always search for good content that brightens up our day a little more and these wholesome posts are perfect to cheer up anyone’s mood. The best part about wholesome content is you can feel happy without stepping out of your home since there is so much you can find over social media. 

45. Birthday surprise for this cutie.

46. I need more milk please!

47. Little gentleman.


48. Let me find you a book.

49. Adorable little guy.

50. All I ask for is your attention and some hugs.

Some days are heavier than others and all you need is a hug from a loved one and who would be a better hugger than this little kitten? With this adorable image, we wrap up this article here. In the comments down below, let us know which images from our list made your day. 



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