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Dog Walker Spots An Abandoned Pitbull Tied To A Tree With A Note Attached To It

Humans don’t deserve dogs.

How often do you hear “dogs are literally the best thing that has happened to this planet”? I guess every single day watching cute dog videos on the internet or even seeing one in real life. They are just so irresistible perfect. What adds to that perfection are many factors that blend in to form an adorable doggo. First of all, none of them are ugly so that goes right out of the situation. Secondly, here’s the blend; cuteness, curiosity, excitement, energy, loyalty, comfort, innocence, bravery, possessiveness, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, the list never ends, but the few that I mentioned are the main traits of the thousands that they have. They are so cute and they even happily take up the responsibility to keep us laughing with their dumbness. Our dogs just want us to have a really good time and what do they demand in return? Nothing but love and undivided trust…and fresh food.

But here’s the newsflash (yup, I am bringing that ugly word back), dogs really don’t get treated the way they deserve it. No, I am not throwing every single human under the bus, I know there are way too many people who care for dogs like they would for their own biological children. But, the truth is there are people who are a disgrace to this beautiful relation. People abandon their dogs just because their moods change or they can’t ‘bear’ their presence anymore. Our poor good boys who give it their all to sustain the human-animal relationship become stray and often have to spend their remaining years all by themselves. That is very disappointing and hurting.

Today we’ve got a story about an abandoned dog that is quite sad the way it starts but I can promise you, it has a happy ending.

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Eric Maus who works as a dog walker was walking his two customers, Lily and Gouda, through Prospect Park and were actually having a really good time taking in all that fresh air and just having a chat. That was when Eric came across a side that he described as one of the saddest he had ever seen. The heartbroken man had come across a Pitbull.

The poor pitbull was tied to a tree and there was a note attached to the tree there as well.

Eric very carefully tried to approach the big girl along with his two dogs, but he really didn’t have to be careful at all. The giant pitbull was actually very gentle and friendly and stayed right in its place at Eric approached her. Such a good girl! Once he was close enough, he read the note that was attached to the tree where the Pitbull was tied. Here’s what the note said:

“Take me home. I am a great dog. I am 7 years old. Don’t let my size scare you. I am sweet.”


I am just as confused as you guys are.

Mamas the cute pitbull was definitely in the right place to stay all by herself and Eric, being a devoted dog lover, could not have left her behind by any chance. So Eric used his big brain and took the matter to Facebook. He decided to take a picture of Mamas and posted it on a neighborhood page asking for advice regarding what should be done. A very smart decision. And you know how the internet is with the dogs, the responses started flying in within minutes.

Eric found hope. This one person came in like an angel and requested Eric to meet by the tree. A car was arranged to pick Eric and Mamas up from outside the park which took them to Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

The animal shelter had space for Mamas.


It wasn’t easy for Mamas to walk out of the park at a normal pace. One factor being her size but the major, more worrying factor, was that she had a bladder infection that was causing her to walk very slowly. But everyone around her was extremely patient and eventually reached the vehicle which was carefully put into to be taken to the rescue shelter.

Just as Mamas reached the shelter, it seems like someone cast a happy spell on her. All the fear and hesitation just went away like it was never there and Mamas was back to being her joyous self. Moving on is a tough task but not for our brave Mamas. The brave girl was ready to put her past behind and was super ready to give life another shot, wholeheartedly!

Mamas jumped right out of her right and were ready to start a new chapter in life.


We are so glad to know that Mamas is in safe hands. She will have to spend some time at the shelter until she is completely fit and healthy go back to the world. A stay that is very necessary but we are damn sure she will get through it like a champ.

Once Mamas is declared fit, she will be put up for adoption and eventually move into her furever home.


Mamas, we commend your bravery and literally salute your confidence. Thank you for putting a big wide smile on our faces. We will you all the best in life.

You guys will be happy to know that Mamas has been recovering extremely well and is very eager to get out of the shelter, not that she hates it, she absolutely loves it in there. After all, the poor girl was tied to a tree and God knows for how long had she been there by herself. Imagine such a sight, especially during the nights, gives me chills and shivers down my spine.

I really hope people who commit such acts receive their calling as soon as possible. That is all.

Told you guys, it was going to be an emotional one. But Mamas would want us all to be happy and smile just like her big, brave gentle self.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. 3 cheers for Mamas!


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