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50 Hilarious Dogs Who Got Stuck In Weird Places

Pets are curious and their curiosity might get them stuck in places they should not be in.

Dogs are extremely playful and they have a desire to explore new things and see what would happen if they would do a certain thing. They would squeeze themselves into the tiniest places and would later realize that they should not have done this. They realize their mistake and then ask for help. They make the funniest expressions when they get stuck. How is it possible that their owners do not take their photos and post them on Internet? Today, we have compiled 50 hilarious photos of dogs who got stuck in weird places. So, scroll down if you want to laugh!


1. “Somehow our dog opened the upstairs screen door and ended up following our cat onto the roof. He required consoling before coming back inside.”

Via: CallMePancake

We all know the truth, the cat tricked him to get onto the roof.

2. “I lost my dog for a moment – not sure how long she’s been stuck there…”


Via: GriddyD

Poor little thing got stuck.

3. Uggh, I was surprising my owners and got stuck in here. How do I get out of here?


Via: Unknown

4. That moment when you realize you are not a cat:


Via: regio15

We hope they saved the doggo!

5. When you know you have made a mistake:


Via: mrriaa

6. Look at his face, he looks so scared:


Via: mynameisjacky

7. When you come back home from work and your dog greets you like this:


Via: dirtyfacedkid

8. “Neighbors got a new dog. He seems to really love my pug.”


Via: smease

9. When your dog likes taking a nap on the air vent but ends up getting stuck in it:


Via: Extirpative

10. When someone calls your name:


Via: _KVinS_

11. “Meet Cooper. He dug himself a hole and got stuck in it.”

Via: -heli0s

He is not stuck, he just wants you to help him.

12. What a terrible way to start the day:


Via: Kurlysoo

13. “Pickles likes tuna more than the raccoons apparently.”

Advertisement by UDM

Via: xPlatypusVenom

14. When you make a mistake and now you are so embarrassed that you would not even look at your owner:


Via: brainphillps

15. The box was too small to fit his whole body so he tried fitting his face:

Via: reddit

16. “Our 3.5 month old puppy has become quite the escape artist. Caught her stuck in this failed attempt today”


Via: artinsi

17. “”There might have been some miscalculations in my plan” -Dog”

Via: StazzyDVlad

18. “Here is my St. Bernard stuck on a table because he is too afraid to get down. I have to hoist all 135 lbs of him when does this.”


Via: htownmark

19. Woke up to rescue our pet Roper who got himself stuck in pants:

Via: mrsegraves

20. “My neighbor’s dog trying to escape the patio. He does this all the time.”


Via: RoamingDrunk

Hey neighbor, can you help me get out of here?

21. “My wife’s guide dog likes to get his nose stuck in his figure 8 toy. We help him get it off an 5 seconds later it’s stuck again. Trained since he was 4 months old and still, when the harness comes off the derp goes on.”

Via: slippybear

22. When you know you are stuck but would not try to get out of it because you are sad:


Via: SirGorehole

23. “My friends dog Grayson got stuck in a tree(don’t worry he’s okay)”

Via: SirGorehole

24. “Came Home to Find My Dog Had Eaten My Snack Mix”

Via: AdmiralLobstero

25. The look on your face when you know you are the problem:

Via: SterlingSoldier2156

These doggos are so innocent and naughty at the same time that they would not shy away from getting themselves stuck in weird places but once they realize that they are helpless now, they would make these faces that would make us fall in love with them. Scroll down for more!

26. “My sisters dog got stuck behind the couch and cried. She’s cute and friendly, but a bit dumb. The dog isn’t too bright either.”


Via: RentonBrax

27. “Heard her crying to find her “stuck” outside.”


Via: dmk510

28. “My son left the balcony gate open and Cooper got stuck on the balcony. He decided to climb a chair onto the roof to see the world from new heights.”

Via: AnthCob

29. “Mum just sent me this. I think he’s stuck.”


Via: scoby_2000

30. “Our 4 month old GR Pup snuck behind the couch and under the side table for the first time. We got to experience this weird face as she got her head stuck trying to get out this way.”

Via: IcemanJEC

31. “In his old age he tends to get stuck in places. Like bushes. For 2 hours.”

Via: KCBizzle

32. “MY DOG GOT HER HEAD STUCK IN A CAT DOOR I’M cRYiNg (don’t worry she’s out now)”


Via: ariesdyke

33. “My rescue GSD who was about a year old at the time. The look of shame from being stuck in the curtains she tore up.”

Via: icy_trees

34. “When my dog got stuck in a hole and couldn’t get out by himself”

Via: reddit

35. “couldnt find my dog for a solid 15 minutes- found her like this”


Via: A_Pseudonym__

36. “She tore a hole in couch cover then whined when she got stuck in it”

Via: ilikebigmutts05

37. “That time Calvin got stuck in the baby gate.”

Via: funrunneremily

38. “Our pup got stuck in the curtain and stood like this for a while”


Via: emergencytower

39. “She got stuck in the hole she chewed in her blanket”

Via: articulateantagonist

40. “Spider doggo”

Via: kitty-purrs

41. Someone got stuck:


Via: winter21p

42. “Mistakes were made.”

Via: DNeosphere1

43. “Stuck in a chair”

Via: bigdaddythrowaway666

44. “Long boi gets stuck and can’t turn around. What are you doing on there?!”


Via: Red_FiveStandingBy

45. “Someone got their head stuck while trying to sneak some more food. Caught red handed”

Via: reddit

46. “My old boy got himself stuck”

Via: kelseymei417

47. “I have a habit of getting stuck between these two fences in our backyard. Our neighbor got this of me stuck. Dad thought he was going to have to call the fire department one day to get me out”


Via: saint.marlowe_howling.banjo

48. “He stuck his head in a clay pot.”

Via: Ehansaja

49. “My dog likes to chew her toy bin. Today she stuck her head through a hole she chewed”

Via: Additional_Ad4880

50. “Stuck (she’s fine just a little stupid)”

Via: Harold-Kingsbane

We hope you enjoyed this post, if your doggo has ever gotten stuck in places, share its photos with us!


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