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15 People Shared What It Feels Like To Work From Home When You Have A Pet

Nothing is “normal” when you have a pet around.

Times aren’t as they are supposed to be. There has been a major shift in the way we work now. Thanks to the global pandemic, COVID-19, FaceTime, or face-to-face communication at the office is not possible. In order to keep everyone safe, companies have opted for remote working where the employees get to work from home and use internet serves, telecommunication technology, and computers to form a virtual organizational structure and work. Work from home has really helped our pet animals. Whenever Mum and Dad leave for office, you should see the face of their pet, they get so sad and can’t resist seeing them when they come back home. Do you know how hard it is to not get a belly rub for a cat? Or when there is no one to throw the ball for a dog to go fetch? It’s tough! But the good news for these cute animals is that their time has come now! That now goes away. Pets get to be with their owners all day long, even when they are working. Some of them were very excited about this new regulation while the others didn’t enjoy having to face their owners all day long too much.

Having a pet around makes everything crazier and “not normal”. Things get dialed up to 9 and that’s exactly what has happened to the working experience of people who are working remotely and also have a pet around. Work never felt more fun, given the time to time involvement of their pets.

Here are 16 wholesome moments shared by pet owners while they work from home,  They are both hilarious and cute! It’s all about the happy moments.

Scroll down below to watch these animals making sure their parents don’t get bored staying at home because of the pandemic!

1. This dog is not too happy about the whole staying at home thing. It’s privacy just got evaded!

“How will I lick my butthole now! Can’t a dog get itself a little space in this world?!”

Via jaykah / reddit

2. When your highly unproductive and lazy co-worker is jealous of you and doesn’t want you to be productive either.


“I am just transferring knowledge. Mind your own business.”

Via KapkanYouNot / reddit

3. This is how these cats reacted when their Mommy announced that she will be working from home and they will get to spend all day with her.


Via 8eyeholes / reddit

4. His owner had a heated argument with his supervisor in an online meeting. Ever since his kitty has been sitting there to make sure Daddy stays cool.


This is so adorable. I want a kitty like this who looks after me with all its heart.

Via jeriicco / reddit

5. Hello sir, I am here from the IT department. What seems to be the issue you are facing?


Via PDMarsay / reddit

6. This is how you manipulate and guilt-trip your Dad when he is working from home and not playing with you. Peaceful protesting done right!


Via IEX-NoAverageJoe / reddit

7. After knowing its parents have to work remotely, it became super clingy. This is how they improvised.


Aww! Poor kitty. All it wanted was some huggies and rubbies.

Via bubobaby / reddit

Imagine when the virus goes away, I mean it has to. These pets are getting so much time with their parents, the attachment levels must be off the chart. Imagine when the whole pandemic ends and employees have to go back to physical offices, that separation time would be so hard for the pets. I don’t want that to happen but I don’t want the virus to stay either. Dilemmas! Dilemmas!

But now, let’s just stay in the present. These moments are extremely cute and I am sure it’s enchanting you into loving these pets even more. They are magicians, after all. Oh, and yes, we should not forget about the fact that these pets definitely existed before this pandemic came in and were familiar with a routine where it’s only playtime and fun when owners return from home. Well, now that work is home, things need to amend.

Let’s enjoy it some more. Scroll down below to continue.

8. This good boy couldn’t believe his owner would be working from home. Excitement does get the better of us at times.


Via underratedwombat / reddit

9. This is Ghost. He is both confused and suspicious as to why his owner is home on a workday.


“You are not going to take me to the vet, are you?”

Via Wolf-Track / reddit

10. Work from home: A concept this pet animal is yet to understand.


“Daddy! You go out, you work. You stay at home, we play.”

Via anasrikanth / twitter

11. Here’s how work with home is like when you have a pet cat.

No one has ever made paperwork look cute except this kitty.

Via Luciphyr729 / reddit

12. A demanding co-worker who just joined work.


Via katehmr / twitter

13. Some habits never change. Even though Marty’s dad works from home, he still waits for him by the main door every day at 5 p.m.

This is cuteness on another level.

Via beyoncetofupadthai / reddit

14. Supervisor Cat is inspect her work closely so any errors can be eliminated as they form.


Via suspiciousthimble / reddit

15. Someone’s not happy about her owners working from home. Home time is play time, not work time.

To be fair though, that’s the routine they grew up with. Screw you, corona!

If you thought having a pet around wouldn’t cause any work interruptions, well think again because when they hope on the desks making cute faces, you can’t help but switch your attention to them. After all, animals come first, no matter what. Tough to work but I am totally okay as long as my pet keeps me entertained every 5 minutes. The more stress-free a work environment is, the easier the work gets.

I really hope you guys had a nice time viewing these adorable moments. Feel free to share all your thoughts in the comments section down below. And I really hope this pandemic ends soon, it’s getting on everyone’s nerves now.


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