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18 Animals Who Were Living A Hard Life Before But Have Now Found Homes

Better days will surely come.

We have all been through the ups and downs of life and same is the case with our pet friends. It takes a kind person to come into your life and change it upside down. Despite being thousands of animal lovers in this world, there are still so many adorable cats and dogs who are living miserable lives. Hundreds of dogs are living a tough life in shelters, we can’t do anything about it but hope they all find homes and someone who truly cares for them. There’s nothing better than watching a homeless animal getting adopted where he will be loved and get all the attention he deserves.


Here we have compiled for you a list of adorable animals who have lived a miserable life before but were fortunate to have finally found their ultimate homes. We are as pleased as punch to share their stories and pictures with you. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down right away.

#1 Kitten with one ear taken to home from shelter.

Source: -Badbutton- / Reddit

#2  A 12/13-year-old dog we got from shelter.


Source: Maxthecat2020 / Reddit

#3 Vet said she wouldn’t survive. But look at her, she is doing completely fine.


Source: lizhaack / Reddit

#4 Saw Arlo in a shelter, now we are heading home together.


Source: JennyF****ngJones / Reddit

#5 This is Charlie, my first dog.


Source: Kolzilla2 / Reddit

#6 Please suggest names, the owner hasn’t decided yet.


Source: lilfruiter / Reddit

#7 So glad for Bruce. He has found home.


Source: MountainGoat84 / Reddit

#8 This 11-y/o cat from shelter has walked on the streets for the first time.


Source: she_rahrah / Reddit

#9 This is Albert on the first day he was brought home.


Source: NoraT33 / Reddit

#10 This kitten was bald and suffering from flea anemia when he was brought home. Look at him now!!!


Source: trystine / Reddit

All these innocent animals ask for is love and affection. Look at the comfort on their faces, shows how desperately they needed homes and loving owners. Many of these pets were suffering from diseases but as soon as they got home, they got completely healthy as if they have never suffered anything. Happy days come after miseries and these animals are living examples. Now they can play around and get spoilt by their caring owners. Keep scrolling to see more of these animals getting home from shelters.

#11 Four years old crossbreed we got from shelter.

Source: mjc5592 / Reddit

#12 Meet Buzz & Loki. Someone, please take them home.


Source: blissrot / Reddit

#13 Pickles has come home today and he already looks happy.

Source: 0livemeow / Reddit

#14 Meet Bonya. She was suffering from fleas and an eye infection at the time of adoption. Look at this cutie pie now!


Source: xiumingday / Reddit

#15 Meet my new friend, Ellie.

Source: Honeybee71 / Reddit

#16 Pepper was mistreated by her ex-owner. Now she always gets hugs and love.


Source: OkamiSpringles / Reddit

#17 Adopted him a year ago when he use to bounce around shelters.

Source: thewaytheicethins / Reddit

#18 This is Cleo, she had heart problems when I took her from the shelter. But now she is happy and healthy.


Source: nimbus2105 / Reddit

Did you see how strong the power of love is? And how it can transform animals? The feeling of being home has turned them happy and healthy. May all the animals find love, care and homes that they deserve. If you have adopted a pet from shelter, share your story with us!!


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