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Employees Share 22 Of The Weirdest And Unexpected Interview Stories

22 weird interview stories

A job interview is a process that can give any candidate butterflies. Even though you have full confidence in the fact that you are well prepared, you are looking good, and you can also counter the complex situational questions (those can really get you), you still feel nervous because, after all, you are entirely unaware of what the outcome will be as a lot of rides on that outcome. The thought of you not managing to get the position always haunts and that’s where the whole anxiety and nervousness comes from.

The interview process is often not as clean as the candidates expect it to be. The reason why you are so uncertain about getting the job when you are so prepared is that you may actually get an interviewer who is rude, stubborn, or maybe is not having a good day because he fought with his wife in the morning. In such a case, no matter how hard you try, that person will not bend and you may have to say goodbye to the job.

And the same goes for the interviewee, they can really bring something to the table the interviewer just did not expect.

Today’s focus will be on such interviews that didn’t go to plan and were super weird, awkward, and resulted in unexpected moments. I don’t how the parties felt after the event ended but they sure will remember it for a very long time.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Good luck when you ask for a salary raise and they deny it because your stars are not aligned the way they should be for a raise.

Source: alaina_ok

2. He heard from a friend they have sweets on the table.


Source: juliegagi

3. She didn’t want the job to work, she wanted the job to start fights with her ex-boyfriends.


Source: lovelanguage_sarcasm

4. Seems like the company hadn’t been feeding the recruiter well.


Source: Turko_the_Fair

5. Evolution.


Source: zabuivchivaya

6. She is not wrong.


Source: Nebazanas

7. Give them the job!


Source: DmitriSychikov

8. Your choice, candidate. Good luck.


Source: blinpolin12

9. Oh my god…this made me uneasy.


Source: Inga_Kudracheva

10. I think the candidate should leave because no one is going to enjoy working under such a boss.


Source: __princesskenny

11. The security will refuse to recognize his dad if he is not wearing the card.

Source: bruno_gelb

12. What else do you work for in a company?


Source: Wizard_Severus

These job interview stories are actually so hilarious. I mean, they really catch you off guard. I absolutely died on the one in which the candidate asked for the sweet and left.

I remember when I was being interviewed to get admission to college, the interviewer bragged to me about the fact that the college has 2 students who won a gold medal by winning XYZ competition in ABC country. I responded by saying I know those 2 students for 12 years now, they are my best friends. Her expressions were so amazing.

13. So this person’s natal chart made them an inferior candidate…

Source: djeylam

14. The candidate was just excited to share her stories with someone after a very long time.


Source: beta_juiletta

15. The fate gets decided on one question only.

Source: almost_bergman

16. Sometimes chatting sh*t on your resume can actually work out well for you.


Source: Lagavulin

17. Please hire him.

Source: Inga_Kudracheva

18. Looks like they did not have good reviews online.


Source: TeslaCat

19. HR is a genius.

Source: Olga_Vryadli

20. The importance of etiquette.


Source: Vipman84

21. You just had to come at that exact moment.

Source: la_marygold

22. A seller knows his target market and those people were not the ones to sell the pen to.


Source: Yoghikitt

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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