25 Accidental Camouflages That Blended In Perfectly

Accidents often result in the best moments.

This fact is tested and trialed by the best artist to ever grace the face of our planet, Bob Ross. My guy used to turn a tree-gone-wrong into a barn-like nothing happened. Accidents shouldn’t be considered failures as they can often result in moments far better than expectations. This can also be proven by the pictures we take every day on our phones. You might have had a moment where someone takes an accidental picture of you or you do the same and the end product turns out to be magnificent. These kinds of accidents are famously known as “candid pictures”.

Today the accidental events we are going to be talking about are perfect camouflages. You guys might be thinking, about how can I use the words perfect and accidental in the same sentence. You will see in a second as we get to these perfectly blended-in pictures that were taken on accident. The people who took these images had no plans to create these camouflages, they just happened. These pictures look beautiful. I must tell you, you guys might have to do some deep digging to understand what’s going on in the picture.

There is a subreddit known as r/AccidentalCamouflage dedicated to this kind of content only. The page is about to reach 700,000 members and contains some of the best camouflages you will ever see.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Her husband took this picture of her as she was passing him the pen.

Image Source: u/kitschier

2. Wow, the painting with the yellow background looks so realistic.


Image Source: u/Eli-Cohen

3. His family refused to entertain any requests for getting a cat. He decided to get one that would perfectly camouflage with the floor tiles.


Image Source: u/TheRavenStonn

4. The leggings blend in with that carpet so well. You can barely tell she has a left thigh.


Image Source: u/Okama_G_Sphere

5. Did he take pieces of that carpet to modify his shoes or is this an accidental camouflage?


Image Source: u/mixtape82

6. The subway decided to match dresses with this woman.


Image Source: u/raketentreibstoff

7. Now that he has perfectly blended with the beach, he is the proud owner of it.


Image Source: u/chanfle_

8. You may have a couple of paracetamols after this but if you look closely to the left of the black cat at the back you will find a 4th brown cat effortlessly camouflaged with the ground.


Image Source: u/IAmNormaBates

9. A happy accident resulted in one of the blades on the fan go missing.


Image Source: u/Flaky_Ad_7205

10. She is basically shopping herself.


Image Source: u/RAITH222

11. Person who took this picture stopped right at the perfect time as they spotted a camouflaged gecko on the stairstep they were about to step on.

Image Source: u/dpeppie_

12. I need those socks. But then I would also need that carpet.


Image Source: u/Okama_G_Sphere

I won’t lie to you guys, if you don’t have a 20-20 vision, you might not be able to catch some of these. Now the question is, who do we credit for these amazing accidents? First of all these people who captured these moments for us. And then, the nature for creating these moments. Alright, I’ll stop.

Scroll down to enjoy some more accidental camouflages.

13. So, who is going to sue who? The cloth company or the skincare company?

Image Source: u/plineo

14. The crow is hiding in plain sight. I would never have spotted him had its shadow not given it away.


Image Source: u/radioactive666

15. This person spent so long searching for his iPad until he finally realized it was camouflaged with the seat cover.

Image Source: u/Eli-Cohen

16. He saw a black spot and decided to fit in.


Image Source: u/blarrofant

17. The dog instantly felt a connection with that rug.

Image Source: u/pg_99

18. The phone case has the exact same color as that of the desk it is resting on.


Image Source: u/TOAOFriedPickleBoy

19. Instantly spotted the dog, and took another look to spot the bird.

Image Source: u/twisty_mcfisty

20. This car has me so confused.


Image Source: u/Koalaluvs

21. There is a cat on this tree trunk.

Image Source: Reddit

22. Wow, these polka dots sandal is exactly what I wanted, let me grab this one…hold on a minute.


Image Source: u/Okama_G_Sphere

23. It took me so long to spot that cracker on the counter.

Image Source: u/martialar

24. It took the family a whole hour to find their perfectly camouflaged cat.


Image Source: u/revdrgonzo

25. Made for each other.

Image Source: u/PixelatedStitch

I hope you guys enjoyed these happy accidents, as Bob Ross liked to call them. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more goodness!


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