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13 Horrifying Cosplays Done With Body Paint That Look Too Real

Paint always looks like a second skin.

I mean you can create 3d art with paint but it doesn’t mean it won’t look like your second skin. However, Katie Cole, a professional makeup artist has done the impossible and loves to create artwork on her body. She usually does cosplays of different characters but her talents are clear in every one of her works. 

I can’t even imagine how long it must take to paint your whole body and adding all the details to make it look like you are wearing actual clothes and not just paint on your skin. And I also don’t think it would be that comfortable to walk around with paint especially if it is dry and starting to crack off. This is why props to her for pulling off so many looks. 

You can check out some of the best looks Katie ever did by scrolling below.

Source: Facebook

#1 The milky eyes just add another layer to the already gorgeous look.

#2 Even Marilyn Monroe has come back to see what humanity is facing these days.


#3 Wednesday Addams chemistry experiments might have gone a little out of hand.


#4 Who doesn’t love Jack Skeelington?


#5 Right here we have a smurf feeling a little out of it.


#6 Pennywise already had so many teeth but she just had to add more.


Most of us love expressing ourselves with makeup or even drawing on paper. However, usually, you are not able to turn yourself into a piece of art. But that is exactly what Katie manages to do every day and she does it so well! Not only that but she also brings a horrific twist to most of her characters which just makes her artwork even more unique.

You can check out even more of her work on Facebook where she posts regularly. You might even find your favorite character there.

#7 I am gonna have to watch Carroline after this.


#8 Jack Skeelington is not going to have a hard time loving her.


#9 Honestly the torn shirt looks way too realistic to be made of paint.


#10 This is you shouldn’t eat random things off the floor.


#11 She looks absolutely beautiful in the wedding dress.

#12 And this is why I never liked the Mcdonalds mascot, they have always been creepy to me.


#13 Oh no, what happened to Jessica Rabbit?

What are your thoughts on Katies body paint skills? Would you ever mistake it for real clothes if you just gave her a glance? Comment down below and let us know.


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