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25 Technically Accurate But Dumb Moments

Some of us live off memes.

With the current pandemic situation going on in the world, most of us have to isolate ourselves in our homes. That can really take a toll on people’s mental health. Depression becomes inevitable for some and our only sources of happiness are home-based activities and socialising over the internet. Some people use sharing and laughing at memes as a coping mechanism.

It’s not a bad idea if you think of it. Laughter is the best medicine and memes can distract you from a lot of things. However, it depends on the type of memes you look at. The kind that you’re going to see today are really dumb, but well thought out memes. I don’t know if by the end of this article you will be smarter or a whole lot dumber, but try to enjoy yourself. Scroll down below for 25 memes that are technically accurate but practically too dumb:

1. You’d lose so many balls here.


Via woodside37

2. He’s not wrong.


Via ClamSham-Jr

3. They’re actually millions of years dead.


Via Abbas_18766

4. They’re as useless as they can get.


Via ultimateadem

5. Literal table tennis.


Via PokeRobo

6. High IQ meme.


Via barrarmistead

7. The description of a pizza.

Via jmbigbrowns1

8. He’s just doing what you said.


Via BenjiDoritos

9. This is what being self-aware is like.

Via The_Merciless_Potato

10. I’d love to watch that.


Via ___PinkGuy___

11. Not much has changed, but they live underwater.

Via momo_siwa

12. What’s all the fuss about?


Via WanderzGaming

Even though it’s stupid, I feel superior for understanding these memes. These are top tier high IQ memes. Yes, they are lame and based on puns but that is the beauty of them. These are the kind of jokes you tell your friends and feel proud when they say “Get out of here.” in reply. Scroll down below for the rest:

13. Er…

Via wubbalubbadubdub_2

14. You did say “biggest.”


Via DonutFlavouredBagel

15. Focus on the image.

Via TechnoFrisbee

16. A property agent. You didn’t specify which kind.


Via thebeast_96

17. Pool.

Via Spu356

18. Give him credit for trying.


Via PbyFortress

19. Seems like a controlled environment.

Via laserxc

20. I can hear this image.


Via Hover_Thing

21. Museum ON fire.

Via jackbray200

22. Life can be a dick.


Via Nep_Nep_Nep_Nep_Nep

23. Instructions were unclear.

Via Ju5tCallMeQuincy

24. Canadian vandalism.


Via Dark_Vegan

25. D in G, D on G.

Via kkf6

How many of these did you understand? Did they crack you up? Let us know more clever puns in the comments below!


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