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20 Adoption Stories To Give You Your Daily Dose Of Wholesomeness

New Day; New Beginning! Today, you are gonna be bombarded with some sheer cuteness. Brace yourselves for a purrfect time when you check out the cutest adoption stories listed here.


Since all of us check the internet to divert our mind from the usual routine and have a look at some of the most wholesome adoption stories, this time, your heart will melt too! Animals are precious and they don’t deserve to be locked in a cage. They need attention, care, and time. We salute our little heroes who keep making our days brighter with their cute actions and how they are always there with us when we feel alone.

1. Looks like this little one needs more of your time.

Via u/kkat02

“Me: im going to the shelter to get a cat bf: just dont get a black cat The cat I pick:”

Since Halloween is around the corner, there’s no better time than this to give all our love to black cats. These cats are not the first priority when people want to adopt a pet, however, they are absolute bliss! So, don’t worry about these haters, we will open our own club of black cat lovers and bring them to their homes.

2. Is this cat grumpy? 

Via u/SadPetDad21

“Went to adopt a kitten. The woman running the rescue said she just got a black cat and was sad because she said nobody would adopt him because he’s 13 yrs old and ‘plain’ so I said.. I’ll take him too! A week later when the kitten was ready, I took him and his brother was crying. So I got all 3”

3. Thank God, she survived!

Via u/raphaelx66

“She arrived at our house in the wheel well of a car that made a 30-minute cross-state journey. We tempted her out with a hot dog. Help us find a name for her!”

4. What are you lookin’ at?

Via u/ElleNova77

“Name for my new kitten?”

5. Look how little and adorable this cat is!

Via u/xTheLeprechaun

“Name ideas please! We found her crawling out of brush on the side of a highway. Bonus points for names relating to that fortuitous moment or her colors.”

6. So freaking adorable!

Via u/Themastercommander10

“My soon-to-be little boy! Help me pick a name!”

7. A sneak-peak of two cats!

Via u/Rood_Dood

“Picking up these cute brothers this weekend. Any name ideas?”

8. Don’t look at me like that!

Via  u/deermandarkwoods

“Rescued this little guy from the streets of Guam. I need some name suggestions!”

9. Love that name tho!

Via u/makingmemesatwork

“I’ve wanted a dog since I was 7. Finally got this little guy. Welcome home Mowgli!”

10. Why so surprised?

Via u/SkankHunt421b

“My wife and I can’t agree on a good name for this new kitten. Hopefully you guys can help us name him. We are hoping for a non-human like name.”

11. This doggo looks so happy and comfortable.

Via u/Hoshef

“Brand new little girl and we need help coming up with a name! Any suggestions?”

12. This kitten does not like baths.

Via u/Cheesecakesx

“New kitten had fleas at previous home and was not happy for his first bath.”

13. The way she stares makes us weak in the knees.

Via u/Diamondhighlife

“Got this beautiful girl from the shelter today!”

14. Because one is never enough!

Via u/Rocky_Whore

“Rescued two little kittens. One has a heart on her forehead!”

15. Look how gorgeous he is!

Via u/jakeycakey1

“A weekend with no plans turned into coming home with Maui. Welcome home my boy!”

16. These scratches are worth it!

Via u/Lurd67

“I’m officially a cat daddy!”

17. OMG look at those eyes!

Via u/Mayyy_22

“My new kitten just lays on me all day”

18. I wonder what is she mad about?

Via u/sanjinpuga

“My brother brought this lady home today, she will be my new partner I guess, any name suggestions?”

19. Look at those ears!

Via u/SirDempsey93

“My very first Kitten. I haven’t had a cat since I was a small child. I’m so in love .”

20. Aww, who wouldn’t want to adopt her?

Via u/FormalConclusion1347

“So I adopted this cat a week ago. Found a perfect moment to click the picture finally.”

Which picture drew your attention the most? Have you ever adopted a cat? If so, we’d love to hear your adoption story in the comments section below.


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