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20 Hilarious Tweets About Adulthood That Are So Accurate, It Hurts

As a result of growing up, it’s clear that maturity is filled with regrets and responsibilities. We had reached the age of majority. It knocked on your door, threw obligations at you that you weren’t prepared to perform, and stated that the weight was now entirely yours to bear on your shoulders. Your childhood ambitions of becoming an astronaut, traveling to the most remote parts of the earth, and finding true love are likely to not have continued into your adulthood. The only thing that remains is that you are continually wondering when you will be able to take a nap! Being an adult is significantly more challenging than most young people anticipate. Adults must deal with a lack of sleep, dehydration, financial difficulties, and a lack of self-control, in addition to the demands of hard work and a demanding schedule. Those of us who have a family history of health problems are also more conscious of the importance of obtaining a decent night’s sleep as well as eating a nutritious meal. Adulting is difficult, as this compilation of Tweets explains so eloquently. Because they are so true, you will nod your head in agreement with them. Read and enjoy. Oh! And also, try not to cry!


1. Chanting “please, don’t let tomorrow be a Monday”, should also be added to this list!

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2. This is the most satisfying feeling that an adult can experience!

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3. We used to cry about these, now we cry for these!

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4. Hi, welcome to adulthood. Here you don’t get what you wish for!

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5. Calculating how many hours you could sleep every night? Yup, that’s adulthood!

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6. After work: “I’m gonna go lay down now!”

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7. Adults are in dire need of a time machine.

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8. Oh! How fun it is to become an adult!

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9. Been able to count on Bin to be there when we need him.

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10. If this is a checklist, then consider every single one of those boxes ticked.

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11. Adulting is definitely overrated.

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12. A panic attack is on the way…

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13. Why does this make so much sense!?!

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14. Why is there no warning before entering adulthood?!

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15. Whispering to yourself “I can do this, I am an adult now!”

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16. Major life crises!

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17. Couldn’t agree more!

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18. The best of the day.


19. Tupperwares are the most important!


20. Add “Very tired” a lot more times on that list!

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When you’re a youngster, all you want to do is grow up and become a responsible adult. Nonetheless, once you reach your early twenties and thirties, you begin to realize that growing up isn’t nearly as interesting as you had previously imagined. Due to the fact that becoming an adult requires more than only growing taller, gaining the capacity to drive, and purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages on your own. So, we can all relate to these tweets on some level. Do you have any adulthood fiasco that you would like to share with us?!


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