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10+ Times People Absolutely Nailed Pumpkin Carving In Most Horrifying Ways

Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween.

I mean, how else are you going to decorate your porch without a huge pumpkin head staring at all the kids that come to your house for trick or treat? Even if you don’t like the taste of pumpkins or their spice, you have to admit that it is a great medium for sculptures. And many people have made a business out of carving pumpkins for Halloween and other events.


While many have chosen to use fake plastic pumpkins for their decorations, there are still several people who enjoy the process of carving the pumpkins more than the actual holiday. And that is the sort of category the studio by the name of Villafane falls in. In their own words, they are a bunch of weirdos who use anything and everything to bring their idea into real life.

You can see what they have to say about their work below.

We are dreamers, do-ers, innovators, fun creators and magic makers. We are where wicked meets whimsical for the most perfect ingredients to create enchanted worlds full of magic. Lead by world-renowned “head wizard” and artistic savant, Ray Villafane, with his hand-selected artists from around the world, Villafane Studios has been spreading their magic around the globe for over a decade.

Utilizing an eclectic mix of mediums, they infuse fun, playfulness and inspiration into everything they touch. From visual storytelling, whimsical character creation, playful set designs and hilariously creative scripts and storylines, Villafane Studios brings the fun where ever they go. Most famously known for his relationship with certain “produce” and revolutionizing pumpkin carving, Ray and Villafane Studios are the “go-to” for many high-end marketing clients for promotional and marketing campaigns.

We make everything fun. We love breathing love and life into a variety of food, gourds, sticks, rocks, sand, clay and whatever other medium that was meant to be something more. We are masters at visual storytelling and transform the simplest of items into amazing characters right before your eyes. Villafane Studios is just an eclectic mix of magical and inspirational things that make the world just a bit more fun. –Website

And that is why we have some of their best pumpkin carvings for you to see below.

Source: Facebook

#1 The spiky wood teeth just take this to a whole new level.

#2 I never knew pumpkins could look so realistic.


#3 This might be the scariest for me as I am not a big fan of minions.


#4 How can they make a pumpkin look like skin?


#5 The amount of texture and wrinkles is unreal in this one.


#6 We can only hope to create something that captures at least 5% of this.


#7 Just stick some jumper cables in the head and you are good to go.


#8 I bet Frankenstein’s monster is feeling lonely without his bride.


#9 I wonder what the teeth are made of and if they are sharp.


#10 I do not like the realistic tongue at all.


#11 This may be a stereotype but he looks like someone who would be yelling at me for not standing up straight.

#12 Hats off to the artist but this is making me uncomfortable.


Do you like these sculptures? And do you want to create these at home? Well, now you can! Since the Villafane studio actually sells the tools they use to create the finer details in their work. And while the tools may be helpful, you will also need years of practice and you still may not be able to achieve the creativity of these artworks. However, there is no harm in trying, right?

And the one we have to thank for most of these amazing creations is Ray Villafane himself.

#13 They did justice to this character more than the newer movies.

#14 Even humans are not able to emote this much.


#15 When you just want to break out of your shell.

#16 The dried up skin just creeps me out and I don’t know why.


#17 Just put some salicylic acid on that and you will be fine.

#18 This is a huge no from me.


#19 Is this child friendly since there is no actual gore?

#20 This skull looks sort of cute in a weird way.


#21 This is what happens when you get on a busy train.

#22 I would never mess with this pumpkin.


#23 I honestly really want some pumpkin now.

#24 What sort of pumpkin is this?

#25 This head seems to be melting in the heat we are feeling these days.

What are your thoughts on these creations? Comment down below and let us know.


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