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15 Hilarious Pics Of Criminal Dogs Getting Caught Red-Pawed Will Make You Laugh Hysterically

Caught red-handed. I mean, red-pawed.

Dogs. You can never stop talking about these cartoons that we call animals. A dog is a great animal to adopt as a pet. People love to have animals as their life companions and are very willing to spend their entire lives with their pets. And at the very top of the list of adopted pets are dogs and cats. Just by the way, there’s a notion that dogs would instantly kill a cat if they see one. That’s not right. It’s a love-hate relationship but there are countless examples of them living together. It’s because they both love to accept everyone openly as long as they are loving.


This feature of acceptance along with how loyal, loving, and adorable dogs are, makes us forgive their tiny, once in a blue moon mistakes. They are living beings just like us who can get very moody at times. Such moments should be dealt with gently as that is what our doggos expect from us.

Doggos can be criminals too. You should always remember where you put your stuff because it could disappear the very next moment, courtesy of your cute doggy. But sometimes they do get caught red-pawed and their reactions could leave anyone in splits.

These 14 hilarious pictures of criminal dogs being caught and snapped by their owners are too fun to look at. Scroll down below to enjoy some pure goodness.

1. So cute. Can’t say anything to an animal that does that.

Via TankVet

2. “Say Cheese…gotcha!”


3. Yup! Super casual.


Via ssjGoku2065

4. Caught in action


Via Pippi111

5. The guilt is tripping right into that wrapper


Via bykwyld3

6. Case closed!


Via CaptSpanky118

7. Duffy, how do you plead?


Via AngryGofer

8. You have the right to remain silent.


Via le_moore

I believe if we track all these doggos back to their descendants, we might find out their forefathers were collectors. It explains everything. Not criminals, just collectors. Which is why your stuff keeps disappearing. It’s because these doggos find them so interesting that they decide to put them in their collections.

Okay, who am I kidding? I was just trying to advocate for these cute guys. I don’t know about getting angry, but I would definitely be laughing my butt off if I saw a doggo making a face like the one’s you just saw up there.

It’s not over yet, scroll down for some more hilarity.

9. Members of the doggo committee announce you as guilty. You will have 30 days to challenge the decision.


Via aryanoface

10. Fair enough!


Via cbmlmz

11. “No, I was just making sure it’s properly locked and secure.” Yeah, right!

Via Schumi_jr05

12. You were supposed to close both eyes when you’re pretending to be asleep. Such an innocent doggo.


Via deez_nickz

13. Salty Doggos be like: “Just wanted to step inside our owners’ shoes”

Advertisement by UDM

14. Caught red-pawed trying to feast on Mommy’s food


15. Garden shoe to you. A prized possession to the doggo.

Via DamianaPociapowicz

Well, that is all from catching doggos. One could spend hours and hours enjoying these funny pictures and not get tired. Once again, the doggos did it for us.

We hope you guys had a great laugh. Share your thoughts in the comments down below.


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