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10 Movies With Amazing Things That Happened Backstage

These behind-the-scenes happenings are so surprising.

There is a lot of detail that goes into making a movie. Movies usually consist of way more things than just shooting scenes and good chemistry between the actors is very necessary to shoot scenes. There are even more things that go into way more detail about a scene than we think of and every now and then we get a dose of behind-the-scenes scenarios that altogether end up being great scenes. This all matters in the context of the movie and re-watching the film after going through all the behind-the-scenes things the film has to offer enhances the watching experience for the second or third time you watch the film. So we bring you this list:



1. Guardians Of The Galaxy

© imago stock&people/EAST NEWS© Guardians of the Galaxy/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

For her role for Nebula, actor Karen Gillan had to shave her head.


2. Harry Potter


© Harry Potter/Warner Bros. Pictures

Green gloves were used to shoot the scene of the flying books in Harry Potter. This is a simple technique that made wonders for bring an organic life to the magic in Harry potter.


3. Wonder Woman


© gal_gadot/instagram

Two good, Gal Gaddot and her stuntman. These two became really good friends on the set of Wonder Woman.


4. Guardians Of The Galaxy


© jamesgunn/instagram

The baby from Guardians Of The Galaxy was also used in The Hangover. It’s the same baby that Zach Galifianakis carries in the film.


5. Eternals


© salmahayek/instagram

The actors of Marvel’s Eternals celebrate Christmas together.


6. Spiderman


© BackToTheMovies/youtube

Tom Holland got the tattoo of a spider coming down the web under his foot.


Having fun going through the list? We can assure you that a lot goes behind the scenes and there are so many tiny details that make a scene look good for the big screen and a result of all of that, we get great scenes and overall a movie that feels more immersive as if it’s a tiny universe contained in itself. Scroll down below for even more behind-the-scenes goodies.


7. Guardians Of The Galaxy


© jamesgunn / instagram

At first, they were going to use a mask for the character Gamora but as production went forward, they decided to settle on green-bodypaint.


8. Mad Max


© Mad Max: Fury Road/Warner Bros. Pictures

A garden pitchfork was used to make the mask for Tom Hardy’s Mad MAx.


9. Avengers


© ChrisEvans/twitter

Chris Evans as an old Captain America for his role in Avenger’s endgame.


10. Little Women


© tchalamet/instagram

Picnics and little breaks were taken by the cast of Little Women throughout its shooting.


And with that, we conclude this list. Let us know which of these behind-the-scenes facts you were familiar with and which of these are new to you in the comment section below.


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