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Daughter Goes The Extra Mile By Preparing A PowerPoint Presentation To Convince Her Parents Of The Pros Of Getting A Cat

Who doesn’t love cats?

Yes, I’m aware that some people don’t like cats, but that is probably because they’ve never lived with one. If you spend enough time with a cat, you will surely start liking them. Cats have very charming personalities. They are just too adorable to ignore. Cats are wonderful creatures. If you’re looking for reasons to get a cat, let me ask you – why not? They’re adorable. They are playful. Cats provide you with emotional support and they will be your best friend forever. You will have a companion with you through all your ups and downs. Sure, adopting a cat might be a huge responsibility, but it is definitely worth it. When you will receive all that unconditional love, you will see no cons in getting a cat.


However, some parents are hard to convince. But this girl didn’t let that hold her down. Her father, Christopher Doyle, shared a PowerPoint presentation on Twitter that his daughter made for him, which included reasons to get a cat. The tweet went viral for all the right reasons. Scroll down below to see it:


This was the original tweet:

She discussed the pros of getting a cat.


They also promised her a hamster 5 years ago. She never got a hamster.


Look at the effort she’s putting into this!


Bonus points for that adorable kitten picture.


And after the tweet went viral, she got even more motivated.


She wanted to get a black cat since they are the least adopted pets. That is mostly due to superstitions surrounding them. I’m sure you are aware of them as well. It is said that black cats bring you bad luck, which is completely false. It’s 2020, it’s weird that people still believe that. Kentucky Humane Society Communications Director Andrea Blair explained how black cats are usually adopted around Halloween every year, but then they are returned. “They have the very best intentions, but the unintended consequences are the perpetuation of the myth – which leads to black cats spending even more time in shelters.”

According to Blair, “Because of their common colour, [black cats] are the [ones] who are most likely to be overlooked in favour of cats with more varied colour patterns. Black cats often take two to three times longer to get adopted.”

Even though Doyle’s daughter’s arguments were legit, he is still hesitant to get a cat because his wife is allergic to them.

People on Twitter supported his daughter.


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We are a fan of her sense of humour.


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Let’s retweet till she gets a cat.


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Some people shared their own experiences.

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This was my favourite part.


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Some gave him suggestions.

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Please get a cat. Please.

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Look at this fluffball.


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Just a cat? She is everything to us!

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Cats are great.


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He has to let her adopt a cat now.

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The cats have taken over.


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What do you think about this? Do you think the girl going to extra mile to get a cat was worth it? Let us know your thoughts.


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