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11 Times Cartoons Had ‘Adult’ Moments Not Meant For Kids’ Eyes

Even while kid’s movies are not generally intended for children’s eyes, there are many parts in them that only adults can enjoy, and those scenes are not meant for innocent children’s minds. Yeah! That’s why our parents used to chuckle while they were watching movies, and we couldn’t understand what they were laughing about!

As a result of the numerous amusing and adult jokes and hidden meanings in Disney cartoons, they are completely harmless and do not create a negative image or perception in the viewer’s mind. However, these hidden lessons are beneficial in one’s life. Such hidden jokes are made possible by the animators who merely put them into the movies in order to make us laugh and giggle.

We know that you are curious to learn about the jokes we are talking about. To that end, we’ve put together this collection of humorous and nasty jokes. We are confident that you will like viewing them and will comprehend what we have lost during our childhood and why we did not realize their hidden meanings earlier! So keep scrolling down and prepare to laugh hysterically!

1. Frozen II – the scene where Kristoff grins foolishly!

Via Frozen II / Disney

Adults will enjoy the jokes in this scene from Frozen 2 movie. Despite Kristoff’s warning that he’ll only be wearing the outfit for an hour, Anna gave some curious reaction. She told Kristoff: “I prefer you in leather anyway,” and gives him a soft kiss and rubs his hair. Kristoff then just tries to hide his embarrassment and grins foolishly.

2. Zootopia – Judy and Nike’s visit to the nudist club!

Via Zootopia / Disney

Remember this scene from Zootopia where Judy and Nick visit a nudist club? The rabbit has no idea where to hide her eyes. That’s exactly what the sly fox had hoped for.

3. ToyStory – A butt kisser!

Via Toy Story / Disney / Pixar

Andy’s favorite toy Woody tells his friends not to be concerned about Andy’s birthday and his new presents in the first part of the movie. However, not all of the toys have Woody’s calming demeanor. Mr. Potato Head clearly expresses his displeasure with Woody’s thoughts. It looks like Mr. Potato Head is calling Slinky a “butt kisser” when Mr. Potato Head takes off his lips and moves them behind him when Slinky stands up for Woody.

Deep talks between Woody and Bo Beep in Toy story!

Via Toy Story / Disney / Pixar

The first half of the story was full of jokes that were intended for an adult audience. Bo Peep expresses her gratitude to Woody for saving her sheep early in the film. Afterward, she asks, “What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?” To which the sheriff responds, “Oh, yes” with an incoherent chuckle.

4. Professor realized Jane’s feeling for Tarzan!

Via Tarzan / Disney

While Jane was drawing Tarzan, she expresses to her father the strange things she found in Tarzan and stated: “And his eyes were intense and focused and…I’ve never seen such eyes.”

On which Professor Porter after realizing his daughter’s thoughts and feelings said: “Should I leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?”

5. Hotel Transylvania – When Werewolf pulled this guy’s swimming trunk off.

Via  Hotel Transylvania / Sony Pictures Animation

This unseen man started explaining and giving excuses about his actions when Werewolf Wayne pulled off his swimming trunks. the man excused: “I was just in the pool. The water is cold. Don’t judge me!”

6. In Shrek 2, when this Little Riding Hood character was reading a Pork Illustrator Book!

Via  Shrek 2 / DreamWorks Animation

It is the Wolf, not the princess, who awaits Prince Charming at the top of the tower where she has been imprisoned. Pork Illustrated (a play on Sports Illustrated) is being read by the Little Red Riding Hood figure from the famous fairy story “Little Red Riding Hood”.

7. When SpongeBob unexpectedly switches channels on Gary’s entrance.

Via  SpongeBob SquarePants / Nickelodeon Animation Studio

We all are well aware of what SpongeBob was watching on his television. In this scene, SpongeBob was watching actinic dancing to sensual music. The show on the screen, based on Bob’s expression, is not suitable for children. As soon as Gary enters the room, he immediately changes to the sports station. It wasn’t just the work of a few cartoonists, but rather a real-world phenomenon. The symbiosis between actinias and sponges is possible. However, it’s best for children to learn about it in a less suspicious manner.

8. Two girls showed some “High Beam” in Cars movie.

Via Cars / Disney / Pixar

Two girls (Mia and Tia) drive up to Lightning McQueen during a post-race picture shoot with the winners. They claim to be huge fans of the racer, and then begin to demonstrate the racer their “high beams” on their wheels. This was meant to be a parody of the way some concert-goers raise their T-shirts to show off their inner rock star.

9. Hercules illustrates the play they watched together.

Via Hercules / Disney

Hercules tells Meg about a play he saw with her lately while they’re out on a date. As for the play itself, “And then that, that play, that, that, that Oedipus thing. “And then that, that play, that, that, that Oedipus thing. Man, I thought I had problems.”

Man, this is a lot worse than we imagined. Adults who are familiar with Greek mythology are able to see the humor in Meg’s reaction to this joke. King Oedipus killed his father and married his mother, not even realizing that these people were his parents, and then he killed them both. Oedipus had to deal with a lot of hard things, but Hercules says that compared to what he had to deal with, his problems are just ridiculous!

10. Daffy Duck reading an adult magazine in Tiny Toon Adventures!

Via Tiny Toon Adventures / Warner Bros. Cartoons

Daffy Duck was feeling bored in one of the scenes and then all of a sudden he starts reading a magazine with some peculiar name and picture!

11. Cinderella breaks her shoe just like a man breaking his bottles in a bar!

Via Ralph Breaks the Internet / Disney

There is a scene in which Vanellope gets to a room with Disney princesses. They show that they are ready to protect their home from strangers. Cinderella is the one who gets angry. She breaks her shoe like men break bottles in bars when they fight. This makes a makeshift shiv.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the depictions of adult scenes in children’s films? Pour in your suggestions in the comments section below because we’d love to hear from you!


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