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20 Animal Photos That Show They Are Living Their Best Lives

Every animal deserves to live in its forever home and relish life.

Hello everyone and good morning to you all! How do you like to start your mornings? A cup of coffee, pancakes and cuddling your pet in the morning. That’s how we like our mornings to be and we are sure every animal lover’s day starts like this. Every pet deserves to be loved. If you see a stray animal, please adopt them and give them a chance at life. Today, we have a collection of 20 adorable animals who are living their best lives. You will be surprised to see them. If you think you can withstand animal adorability and cuteness galore then scroll down and have fun.

1. “I adopted this good boy in March, and to celebrate his first birthday I arranged a playdate with his littermate!”


Via u/thelionmermaid

Every animal deserves an owner who can arrange for them a playdate.

2. “This is Stormy, the newest member of Alyeska resort’s Mountain Safety team. She will spend the next two years training to become a certified avalanche rescue dog. Just imagine being rescued by that face.”


Via u/GallowBoob

My heart skipped a beat thinking this cute face will rescue me.

3. “The three levels of roasting a Marshmello”


Via u/Calvin_RH_705

We love all levels of marshmallows.

4. Meet Kiara who likes to sit like a proper lady.


Via u/MarreMER

Look at her big, furry tail.

5. “She’s 10, has no teeth, and needed a home for her final years. What should we name her?”


Via u/Coaler

This cute kitty found her forever home.

6. “She comes here everyday to give him a kiss and then leaves”


Via u/SilverSad1967

Love knows no boundaries.

7. He is so little, she lifted her in one hand.

Via u/wtf_dez

8. When your kitty gives you “The Lion King” vibes:


Via u/khloe0

9. What’s better than going out with your doggo?

Via u/jess_says_things

10. Before and after one year.


Via u/timconnery

Nothing compares to having an animal. You can go on cute dinner dates with them or surprise them with a playdate on their birthday. You will see them growing, making silly mistakes and above all bringing happiness and blessings in your life. There is nothing like seeing animals around you. What a good start to the day to see two animals kissing? Aww, cutest. No words can explain how animals make us feel. Scroll down for more!

11. “My 9-year old made this Axolotl”

Via u/plushcoots

12. “Her name is Kaya and she’s 5 Months old.”


Via u/Alarmed_Freedom_715

Look at her face, she looks so different. Her eyes make her unique. Kaya, why so cute?

13. This mama has a mischievous kitten.

Via u/iklegemma

Eee, that smile is melting my heart.

14. “He stole my mom’s seat.”


Via u/KikoTheWonderful

Most senior member of the family is sitting right there.

15. “The Winter Circle of Love”

Via u/9999monkeys

That’s how you keep each other warm.

16. “This is a vore. Vores are super cute. Vores might be a nuisance to some, but if I could be any cute animal, I would be a vore!”


Via u/SaeByeokGoesToJeju

17. Real-life “The Lion King”.

Via u/supaswag69

18. Open the door, mommy.


Via u/vujs_

19. Meet, Ziva. The prettiest girl.

Via u/Frozencreek25

20. “Baby chameleon, 15 seconds old, decides to curl back up to its egg form”


Via u/TheRoach

Animals are so effing cute and innocent. They have nothing bad, just positivity to share. Just 15 seconds in this world and this baby chameleon gave us a reason to smile. What do you think, is he cute? Comment down to let us know if you own a pet and if they are living their best life with you?


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