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19 Photos Of Sweet Animals That Are Living The Life They Deserve

Animals are full of love!

Have you ever seen an animal on your flight? Or a catto watching Youtube videos? We are sure you have not seen all the exciting things this is why we are back with a wholesome series of animal photos. These animals are sweet, loveable, pawsitive and pawnderful. They only have love to offer and will make you say “aww”. If you are missing your animal dose, do not worry, you will get it right here. Scroll down and see how adorable animals are.


1. Have you ever seen a doggo on a flight before?

Via u/__clayton

2. “My boy was fat- shamed today by a random stranger. Is he that chubby?”


Via u/Good-Bottle7238

I thought I am the only one who gets fat-shamed but these humans are stupid. How can they fat-shame an animal? Animals are cute, not fat.

3. Happy 17th to Ripley!!


Via u/Bullitt1389

4. This one-eyed doggo has my heart.


Via u/Moonchild08

5. “My cat has been crying for hours to go outside, two seconds later shes at the door looking at me like this”


Via u/brittinea

Cat: Mom, can we please go inside? It’s so cold out here.

6. When your cat claims she did not do it:


Via u/Fernando_357

7. “This Doberman on a flight to Tallahassee today. Wasn’t about to miss Thanksgiving with extended family this year.”


Via u/lesshonkymoretonky

Owners who make sure their animals get to enjoy every festivity with them deserve an award.

8. “My wife bought our cats a sofa, then a throw pillow and finally a mini afghan.”


Via u/leadfoot_mf

She looks so comfy in this custom-made sofa and a mini afghan.

9. “My cat always wants to sit on my laptop while working so I just play videos of birds on YouTube to distract him”


Via u/high61helmet61

Every cat wants to sit on laptop.

10. Purrfect, white teefies.


Via u/impetuous_panda

We enjoy nothing as much as we enjoy watching animals doing the silliest things. They might make a mess, get in trouble or ruin things but they end up looking so cute. The cute little faces, big eyes, sharp teefies and shiny fur. Purrfect. These cute animals are the sweetest and full of love. Scroll down to see more of them.

11. “One of my 2 cats has worked as a professional model in the past. Can you guess which one?”

Via u/Faris-Hilton

We have a professional model in the house.

12. “Came in from the kitchen while I was in the bedroom with my bf. I don’t own a cat”


Via u/camehhhhhhh

Is the cat having a secret affair with your boyfriend?

13. When you buy your little sister her favorite chocolate:

Via u/Public_Drummer_238

14. Ahh, the best place to sleep is the keyboard:


Via u/altarsoft

15. “This little lady makes it worth getting up at 2:30 every day. Thanks Sadie.”

Via u/snaaaacksss

Sadie knows how to smile for selfies.

16. When you surprise your cat by going home earlier but gets to see this:


Via u/meister2a

17. “Indigo Bunting with Chicks”

Via u/CharityOk4970

18. That’s how she stays warm all the time:


Via u/meister2a

19. When you tell her all the chocolates are finished:

Via u/vancyon

We love sweet and cute animals. What about you? Do you love animals? Do you really think they are full of love? Have you ever seen an animal spreading pawsitivity or love? Comment down to share your thought with us.


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