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15 Best Animal Tweets Of The Week That’ll Make You Forget About Your Problems

Cutest animal tweets ever!

To start our day we should hear, watch and talk about as many sweet things as possible. Your day will pass very smoothly and you will feel way more cheerful throughout your whole day if you do that. There are many sweet and peaceful things you can do to relax, for me it is watching cute and wholesome animal content. It actually works, guys, I speak from experience. Trust me, my daily routine is to watch wholesome animal-related stuff on the internet before starting my day. It fills my heart with so much peace and gives me prosperity and joy. We all have different ways of enjoying our lives but this is my secret to a happy life.

If you are an animal lover, you will understand how much joy these creatures bring into our lives and if you are a pet owner then you would probably know it is impossible to go a day without seeing animal content because it is not only cute but very informative as well, helps with raising a pet too. We have collected a bunch of animal tweets that are funny and wholesome to make you happy throughout the whole day. Keep on scrolling down..

1. Yeah, definitely. I do not see a cat, do you?


Image Credit: @memesiwish

2. Imagine how many people have been slaughtered because of that in the 1800s.


Image Credit: @briantheruller

3. Now, this is what I call art. So beautiful.


Image Credit: @almaprimaveril

4. Cutesy squishy fur baby. I want to play with this cat so bad.


Image Credit: @fatfatpankocat

5. This is so correct.


Image Credit: @RAD1OSILENCE

6. Rocky, is definitely an extremely good boy. He looks very handsome in the suit.


Image Credit: @dog_rates

7. What an angel baby, so beautiful and so lovely.

Image Credit: @giantsimp

I have seen many cats but this one has absolutely stolen my heart, I do not even want it back. I just want to play with this cat and scratch her neck. She is so adorable, her owners must be very lucky to have such an angelic little fur baby. All of these tweets and animals were super cute, so beautiful too. How can you not feel happy after seeing this? I am absolutely obsessed with this type of animal content, it is the reason I start my day happily and feel some good vibes in the morning. Keep on scrolling down to see more funny tweets…

8. Woah, wait…what did you say? Milk what…? You better get off that phone and check on your children. This is really weird.


Image Credit: @RateMySalad

9. Congratulations, this is great news! More power to you guys, you are doing an incredible job.

Image Credit: @LorenzoTheCat

10. What is going on in Arlington, Texas? The polar bear looks like he was having a casual walk on the road when a dangerous human interrupted his peace and not the other way around.


Image Credit: @strawmuncher

11. Well, that is 100% true.

Image Credit: @megtekac

12. Aww, this is the cutest frog I have ever seen.


Image Credit: @seokuva

13. Oh, they look fine to me. Cold does not bother them anyway.

Image Credit: @kaileysibley

14. This is absolutely correct. Cats are fearless and bravest creatures ever.


Image Credit:  @_fieryMARS

15. This made me laugh so loud, it is so accurate. How even is this possible?

Image Credit: @thomasthesquare

This last tweet is definitely the funniest of them all and so accurate, I can not stop laughing at it. I, too, with I could unsee it but I am glad I can not. It is hilarious! Which tweets did you find the funniest or cutst? Tell us in the comments down below…


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