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20 Adorable Animals That Will Make You Proud Of Them

adorable animals

There are thousands of reasons to be proud of your pet.

Pets are just lovely and sweet. Although they are seen doing the silliest things but sometimes they surprise us with the most unexpected things. We have seen cats and dogs saving lives, alerting their humans of fire, providing therapy and whatnot. No doubt, they make us embarrassed sometimes but there are moments when they make us proud and we proudly say “oh yes, that’s my dog or my cat”. Today we have 21 adorable animals that have made their owners proud of them. Scroll down to see these majestic animals.


1. “25 year anniversary with my best friend today. Brought him home August 18, 1996. He still makes my heart melt.”

Via u/pacingpilot

Horses can also bond really well with humans.

2. “She was scared of the thunder so I made her a fort”


Via u/Emptydata_Enzo

Now, there is no need to get scared, honey. You are in your fort.

3. “They swapped..”


Via u/Real_Joe_Mom

They grow up so quickly.

4. This cow has number “7” written on his face.


Via u/bendubberley_

Meet Baby Ben.

5. Bro, are you melting?


Via u/TwoFlyingNuns

6. When you pick your cup of coffee and find this:


Via u/Baskerville84

7. What’s better than finding a stray kitty at your job?


Via u/a-space-pirate

8. “The way my new kitten was looking at my husband on the way home”


Via u/Sageseed

The new kitty has already fallen in love with your husband.

9. New couple in town!


Via u/cypressboz

10. Meet Shiba, the goodest boy!


Via u/Sibaxx

Some of the animals do not need anything to do to make their owners proud. They are just born with such beautiful features that make their owners happy. A beautiful cow with a letter 7 on his head or a tiny bunny or a fluffy doggo. Sometimes your pets’ transformation makes you proud. Well, it is really something to be proud of. Scroll down for more beautiful animals.

11. “Jellybean does not like the cone of shame. He tolerates the flower of protection.”

Via u/pokitgiraffe

Jelly Bean loves flowers.

12. When you have been feeding and taking care of your pets but they prefer your husband:


Via u/winnie2010

“My husband came home early from work. I think they missed him.”

13. If cuteness overloaded had a face:

Via u/vinkulelu

“Double layer of cuteness”

14. A true gentleman knows how to dress up, sit and act:


Via u/Faris-Hilton

“The way my cat waits for me outside the bathroom.”

15. Happiness lies in the little things:

Via u/CarSerious278

16. “Bought some Halloween decor at a thrift store and now I can’t find my cat.”


Via u/BroccoliDisastrous89

Can’t decide which one is real and which one is fake.

17. Just a squirrel mama holding its baby.

Via u/muroyasuitsu199

Is not it cute?

18. He just broke his leg.


Via u/urdadsofatt

Get well soon, tiny baby.

19. “Picking up this little guy on Friday. I need name ideas, any suggestions?”

Via u/josh7alc

20. Meeting his family after so long.


Via u/Ihavenocluewhat2name

21. So proud of you, boi!

Via u/ErvinAgustin

Are you a pet owner or a proud pet owner? What is it about your pet that makes you proud of it? Comment down if you enjoyed this collection of animals.


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