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25 Animals Detesting Selfies With Hilarious Reactions

Animals aren’t huge fans of cameras.

Taking selfies has become quite popular with the growing world and is now a very deep-rooted behaviour that without it, people do not seem to enjoy life anymore. Even though a person taking selfies seems to be a very normal sight but when it comes to taking selfies with your pets, that’s where things get interesting and amazingly hilarious at the same time. These animals might be against taking selfies, but their faces look effortlessly cute and adorable which is totally unmissable. Moreover, they also don’t want their humans to take selfies when they’re together.


This hilarious compilation has pictures of animals that are totally against the selfie culture but still manage to look super adorable and funny in them. Their instant reaction is usually attacking their humans or acting up while clicking pictures! However, if you are tired of trying to capture the “perfect picture” with your pets, then these pictures may give you some ideas too! These images will certainly brighten up your spirits and will surely put a smile on your face and make your day a hundred times better!

So scroll down to enjoy 25 animal pictures who actually do not like taking selfies even with their humans but they still try their best, at least that’s what they think:

1. “I don’t want any kisses from you.”


2.Check out my nails!


3. “Just follow my lead, little buddy.”


I’m your big bro, ok?

4. “Yes, human, I am looking at you. Put that phone away.”



5. What’s wrong with you, hooman!?


6. I’m just trying to scare them away…


7. Pretend to be crazy now!




The dog/cat at the back photobombed so perfectly without even trying.

9. And that’s how you click silly pictures!


Yes, I’ve even seen my hooman do this!

10. “I am going to murder you in your sleep.”


You’re so annoying!

11. CAMERA!?

Close it before I choke you!

12. “Come on now, human. I was sleeping.”


Yes, I am not lying…

We’re sure that you’re so caught up in these pictures that you didn’t realize you’re almost halfway through the article. Are you enjoying these? We’re sure you must have found these pictures to be quite amusing. Well, there’s no denying the fact that these animals are quite photogenic, however, they just hate having their photographs clicked! Scroll further to keep enjoying the rest of the funny fur babies:

13. “I’ve simply accepted my fate.”

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God is with me now!

14. Imma scratch you up now.


15. “You see that rage? It’s coming your way!”

No need for sorries now, huh.

16. What? Me?


Let me think about food in peace, please.

17. Doggo not ready to take a decent picture.

18. “Just take my paw and leave me alone.”


I’m in no mood to talk!

19. “Please, someone help me.”

She’s gonna take 9343 more pictures now!

20. Like mom like doggo!


21. “I’m too special to be grumpy.”

You all are peasants!

22. Told you not to invite people!


23. “I am going to keep ignoring you until you take away that camera.”

That’s your only solution!

24. I did not sign up for this!

25. No!

Just, NO!

Here we are, at the end of our article with the hope that these hilarious pictures made you laugh! Animals are undoubtedly the most interesting creatures on the planet and their unexpected behaviours are sometimes too funny to be missed. Just like the ones we have compiled for you above. Did these pictures make your day? Do let us know in the comment section below and share with your friends and family to lighten up their moods and make them crack up as well.


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