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20 Angry Looking Doggos Who Bring Humor Instead Of Terror

Every dog owner has experienced at least one temper tantrum from their dog at some point during their time. At first, it seems a bit personal and a little harsh to receive treatment like this from someone you’re trying to take care of. But eventually, you’ll come to realize that there is little anger in their tantrums and more of a sense of frustration and annoyance that’s causing them to react like this.

Dogs aren’t much different from toddlers that require all the love and attention in the world and can get overwhelmed from time to time by the endless amount of chaos in the world. Catharsis is very important for humans as well as for animals for them to be able to live in a stress-free and healthy manner. Dogs have their own way of expressing their feelings and like their owners, it is our responsibility to be as understanding and sympathetic as we can. As it turns out this isn’t as difficult to accomplish as one might think because – dogs, even in their furious and grumpy tantrums, still manage to look cute which makes it difficult to feel anything for them but adoration and love.

These funny tantrums and moody phases are also a source of the smiles and lovely memories that our dogs bless us with all the time. We have compiled 20+ hilarious instances of dogs in some hilarious grumpy moments which we believe are sure to bring a smile to your face!

1. When you’re not a morning person and someone says Good Morning!

Via  kivatheshiba

“No, I told you to stay away Monday!”

2. Let’s just pretend that this is some sort of dentist commercial.

Via mack_the_corgi

3. This is the cutest grumpy face you’ll ever see!

Via vinnys_world_vinstaglam

4. When you realize that it’s Monday again.

Via charlie_jaws

5. This might be one of the cutest, most adorable tantrums ever!

Via burger_samoyed

 “Threw a tantrum today by messing up mom’s folded clothes because she refuses to take me to the dog park just because it is wet and muddy.”

6. This doggo might be tiny and adorable but, he most definitely is not gonna give up this ball easily.

Via lilgrumplulu

“Drop it? How about you drop it? Dis my Kong!”

7. Shoob seems to be saying “OH GOD! WHY IS IT MONDAY AGAIN!!

Via ryderthesamoyed

8. That is one fiery yet adorable German Shepherd

Via shepherd_zoone

“The face you don’t want to see.”

9. Is this a seal or the most precious dog in the world?

Via poppyseedsprinkles

 “I is an angry seal!”

10. Someone is definitely grumpy about a photoshoot.

Via atlas.the.pomeranian

“Mom insisted on a photo shoot in the new Curli harness! You can see how I felt about that.”

11. Hooman, are you seriously gonna feed us that?

Via libra_love_leo

What kind of pet do you have? Is it common for him/her to be enraged with you? If yes, then you are not the only one. All dogs want to be nice boys, but they can’t be good all the time. Dogs, like children, have a wide range of emotions and a unique method of expressing their displeasure when they are feeling down. But, to be honest, their adorableness is enhanced by their hilarious temper tantrums and sour expressions. Yes, it’s definitely within your grasp if you’re a dog person.

Scroll down to see more hilarious dog tantrums and have a nice laugh.

12. Rawr!! No one touches my terrarium.

Via kiwitje25

“Sorry but this is my terrarium!”

13. If this picture doesn’t capture the adorable-ness of dogs then we don’t know what does.

Via edthepug_

“I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

14. Hmmphh. I’m soo gonna tell everything to the vet, hooman.

Via bimbodcheekypom

“No happy!! I have so much to tell on vets…”

15. Is it the New Year already?

Via __kobe__frenchie__

“What do you mean the summer is over?!!”

16. This dogs is angry at his mom for wiping away his drool painting on the car’s window. What a shame really, it was truly a masterpiece.

Via  yukibearspitz

 “The look Mom saw when she cleaned the window and door because she was wiping away my drool painting. It was a masterpiece in process. Now we’ll never know my true potential.”

17. That expression tho!!

Via kush.marleyboy

“I don’t care what anyone has to say, that’s how I get away with a lot of naughty things I do. Take not fur friends.”

18. No, I don’t want to eat this.

Via nokathegsp

“Anyone else having Chipotle for dinner tonight? Me neither.”

19. The face you make when you are forced to eat something you don’t like.

Via shiba_qq11

“This is a joke, right?”

20. How dare you to try to sneak a picture of me hooman?

Via  pufa_fluffydog

“It’s 6:30 in the morning and you dare to take the picture?”

21. When you get tired of your hooman’s never-ending love for you.

Via lilgrumplulu

“For the love of Dog, leave me alone! My hooman so annoying.”

22. The most adorable grumpy doggo you’ll see today.


“Grumpy today!”

Does your dog ever throw temper tantrums? If so, how do they make you feel? Has your dog ever made hilarious looking grumpy faces at you when they are mad Let us know all your funny experiences with angry dogs down in the comments below!


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