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20 Hilarious Pictures That Show Animals Are Just Like Humans

You might have come across a lot of instances where your pet would have acted like humans or mimicked you at times you could have never expected. Your dog smiling brightly for a family picture, Your cat giving a disgusted reaction to an odd smell, a monkey putting up a stolen lipstick, and many more, are some excellent examples of how animals sometimes act so human. Animals sure are quick pickers, especially pets, they might have seen you doing something and later on copy it. However, at other times a human instinct comes into your domestic animal out of nowhere rendering you surprised for all the right reasons.

We all have heard that we humans are the descendant of monkeys, which are animals. Moreover, we ourselves are called social animals, ever pondered the reason behind this? Scientific research shows that the genetic makeup of humans matches many animals such as rats, mice, dogs, cats, cows, and above all chimpanzees. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the genetic similarity hereby dominates itself sometimes and bring out the human in these animals. These facts give a clear demonstration of why animals are likely to act human, at times.

We’ve gathered the best moments which clearly proved that animals and humans have so much in common. Now it’s your time to get convinced, try not to laugh out too loud because you’re about to take a stomach-tickling ride!

1. When an elder person decides to put up his first Whatsapp display picture

via © euph31

“My dog looks like a middle-aged man who just took his first selfie.”

2. Poor child

via  justsH1fty

This doggo looks like a heartbroken child, who just got to know presents were put into the stocking by mom not Santa

3. The man at the ticket window of an amusement park at the end of the day be like:

via  kirrk

4. “The joys of motherhood”

via Valens

5. Mirror Mirror, who is the most beautiful of all

via  bergalicious_95

6. This cat literally is mimicking an evil man admiring his creation on a dark night in front of a full moon– Moewhahahahaha

via nooyork

7. When you’re sitting in a subway but you got to fix your makeup in a compact mirror

via unknown author

8. Netflix and chill?

via anyagrapes

Time to binge-watch the season!

9. A long lost enemy finally getting the chance to mock you

via alrightmousey

He sure has some dirty plans

10. When the girls say let’s make a duck face for the selfie

via  grettaaa 

You got to take that seriously

11. It almost fits, see

via bigshrimps

12. The best counter-argument

via rexiecat

An effective way to win any dispute

13. This dog sure looks like the smartest kid on campus

via SankiKing

“How I feel when I use a smart word in a conversation”

Man, this is fun! these cutest animals are full of surprises and never fail to entertain us with their goofiness. Keep going to see some more humanly animals.

14. The award for the best ‘What did you just say?’ expression goes to this kitty

via CharlyannaC 

15. An adult trying his best not to drown in his own problems

via Naspbeats

Story of our lives

16. No one can match my sass — The newest model in town

via exiecat

“My cat looks like she just broke up with a guy and is trying to remind him who he lost.”

17. When you try your best not to laugh but it’s too damn funny

via Denis335462

18. This cow is the true depiction of what adulthood feels like

via staruxa111

19. Me 5 minutes into the movie

via Happy Cats

I ain’t sleeping, I watching

20. What a cold shower feels like, on a burning hot day

via  loderman

21. I woof you too, cat

via notpreposterous


These adorable fluffs never let a moment pass by where we don’t adore them. Animals are just so wholesome and make the world a better place to live in! Today we explored another reason for admiring these precious fur-iends of ours.

The comment section waits for you to share more of the relatable content, we’d love to laugh a little extra!


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