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A Dog That Looks Like Batman Goes Viral And It Seems Like Gotham Is in Good Paws

Have you ever seen a dog who resembles the great, BATMAN!?

A Great Dane named Enzo has shot to stardom on social media after his owner posted a picture of the dog on their travel blog. There are several special factors that can set you apart on Instagram, and looking like a celebrity is one of them. The dog greatly resembles everyone’s favourite superhero, Batman, from Gotham and this is the reason for his popularity. Within no time, he has gained over 32K followers, which frankly is an insane number of following when it comes to popularity and fame. Especially when it’s a dog!


The Great Dane breed is 32 inches at the shoulder and they tower over most dogs. When they stand on their hind legs, they are taller than most people. They have tall, pointed ears and massive muscles. This structure has made their resemblance to Batman strikingly familiar. The dog weighs about 150 pounds. According to his owners, Danny and Stephanie, Enzo often takes on the protective nature of the Dark Knight because of his feature and nature. “Enzo’s more brave and courageous. He likes to impose himself, bark very loudly and guard the house,” Lemay told in an interview, adding that it’s the dog’s pointy ears that really give Enzo the Batman look.

It all started out as a travel blog. Enzo’s parents, Danny and Stephanie, were of the view that it is not necessary to stay at home at all times just because you have a giant pet. They made an Instagram account where they uploaded pictures of their travel adventures featuring their Bat-dog, Enzo. Their main purpose was to let people know that giant-sized pets can help you feel more connected to nature. Let’s see more of this story in the pictures below.

1. Enzo and his family during their hiking trip

Via enzo.greatdane / instagram© Super Friends / Hanna-Barbera Productions

2. It all started as a travel blog

Via enzo.greatdane / instagram© enzo.greatdane / instagram

The family started going on trips, to parks, forests, near the sea and took pictures of their dog against beautiful backgrounds. The dog would also luckily model for them. Shortly after the pictures were posted, a lot of people started following him as the account fulfilled the love for celebrity as well as the dog and they couldn’t be happier about it.

3. Enzo’s similarity with Batman is not just about his pointy ears, it’s his expressions as well


Via enzo.greatdane / instagram© Batman Begins / Warner Bros. Pictures

Enzo’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of the dog looking steely-eyed, serious and confident, often standing at attention like he is ready to dash towards a person if he is in danger. The dog is ready to act even at a moment’s notice. And that’s what we love about him the most.

4. Enzo the Bat-dog


Via enzo.greatdane / instagram©

Furthermore, this doggy is all about protecting his household which is in Quebec. He is always there to protect his family and the loved ones. Enzo may look serious and bodyguard type of a dog on the outlook but he has a soft side too. He is always ready to cuddle, play with other pups and is forever ready to make new friends be it animals or humans.

5. Look at him smile

Via enzo.greatdane / instagram© Justice League / Warner Bros. Pictures

As Enzo’s dad Danny shares, sometimes people think that Great Danes are fearful and gentle — that they don’t like being in the cold and that they are scared of everything. But according to Danny and Stephanie, Enzo is not only confident and fearless, but he is also a people person as well. Given his large following, his parents say that people in the neighbourhood stop them for pictures and Enzo never minds being a celebrity. He is friendly towards his family and strangers.

6. The mighty look


Via enzo.greatdane / instagram

“People stop us every time we walk him to cuddle and look at him or take pictures,” the pet parent added during an interview. All in all, we love dogs and we love it, even more, when they resemble a celebrity. I mean who doesn’t? Also, when the dog is as mighty and brave as Enzo, who wouldn’t want to be on his friend list? This story of Enzo has definitely made our hearts warm with love and we hope it did yours too. Do you have a pet at home? Does it resemble any fictional character? Comment down below with pictures because if he does, we would love to see that!


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