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14 Animals That Are Feminists & Set Examples For Society

Who knew animals could be feminist?

Well, we may be stretching things a bit but you’ll understand what I am talking about in just a little while. It is true that the following species aren’t feminists by the correct sense but they sure do some things that would make any women wanna be friends with them. Granted they don’t eat us first.


From Komodo dragons to squids, there are quite a lot of species here that you wouldn’t expect. And you might just learn a few facts from this article as well. I know surprising right? After all, nobody comes here to learn anything. So let us get on with the oh so important information.

#1 Komodo Dragon.

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So why are these scaly creatures on the list? because they don’t need a man to do anything. Not even reproduce. Yes, you heard that right, they are capable of a virgin birth.

#2 Elephants.

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Not only do these gentle creatures have a matriarch which is the old female but they also don’t let any male tell them what to do.

#3 Sea horses.

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I am sure you know why the sea horse is on this list. The male ones do all the heavy lifting in the relationship and carry the eggs to birth.

#4 Zebra Finches.

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Hormones can play a large part in being pregnant and healthy. So female Zebra Finches are able to provide testosterone if their male partner lacks it.

#5 Lions.

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We all know why lions as on this list. Their society wouldn’t work without female lions. They do all the hard work after all.

#6 Market Squids.

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As it turns out, squids don’t like unwanted attention so they have a fake testicle just for the moments if anyone tries to get close to them.

#7 Bees.

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I am sure you have heard about the queen bee and how a bee colony can’t survive without the queen. All hail the queen.

#8 Dan Tiger sharks.

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Did you know, a tiger shark once ripped a male shark into pieces because he kept bumping into her? That is what I call swift revenge.

#9 Meerkats.

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The female alpha meerkat is the one making all the choices in the colony even if she chooses a suitable partner to mate with.

#10 Hyenas.

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First of all, female Hyenas are physically larger and more imposing than a male so they have no trouble kicking the sh*t out of someone who tries to mate with them.

#11 Orcas.

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Basically, Orcas are the elephants of the sea. They also use a matriarchy rather than a patriarchal system.

#12 Angler Fish.

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So simply put, Angler fishes basically absorb their male partner and then use him to reproduce. At least the male partner sacrifices his life for a just cause.

#13 Red foxes.

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Male foxes play a huge part in the upbringing of their children from teaching them to hunt to bringing them food. Basically they are great fathers.

#14 Naked Mole Rats.

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They have a similar society to the bees. They have a single queen and only she can reproduce.

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