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20 Photos That Prove Some Animals Deserve An Oscar For Their Drama Skills

Animals are undoubtedly the most theatrical creatures in the kingdom, therefore it’s no surprise that these four-legged babies are frequently included on the internet’s most viral list. They never seem to run out of things to show us, thus the spotlight is once again theirs with another great performance of displaying their magnificent facial expressions.


Seriously, if animals were to feature in a film, they would undoubtedly be the finest performers and actresses. They will undoubtedly win the acting game, whether it is horror, comedy, drama, or any other performance. Not only this, but some animals appear to have been humans in their previous lives. They have the same interests and behave in the same way as we do. And how inventive they may get while imitating us is beyond description. If there was a higher furry education, there’s little question they received an honors degree.

That being said, prepare to be wowed by these amusing and hilarious pets who are so theatrical that they deserve an Oscar. Furthermore, we have gathered a collection of some exceptional furry babies, and we’re confident you’ll recognize yourself in many of them. So, let’s have a glimpse of these pictures:

1. Doggo – The Builder!

Via yourmomish*** / reddit

2. Have you ever seen such a Drama Queen?

Via  HyenaJack94 / reddit

3. When you realize today’s a busy schedule.

Via Obvious_Finding4150 / reddit

“A major case of the Saturday snoozers”

4. Ayy! Look at that adorable hat.

Via cleo1117 / reddit

5. My next-door neighbor’s dog is completely obsessed with pianos.

Via  Bnlalala / reddit

6. Cozy Nights!!

Via  shadowdra126 / reddit

7. Hey Buddy! Did you find something to eat?

Via Solarscars / reddit

8. When you realize it’s already 8:55 and your office starts at 9:00, but you are badly stuck in traffic.

Via Numi18 / reddit

9. Let me taste it. Hmm, that’s delicious.

Via  Head2Heels / reddit

10. When it’s your first day at office, and you are completely blank on how to do programming.

Via Bdblogs / reddit

11. Look at that face. Isn’t he adorable?

Via  lnfinity / reddit

“Tooth brushing time”

If you believe your pet can’t surprise you with anything, take a closer look at their behavior with a camera at your side. They play games on each other, act like people, and come up with the most unique ways to express their emotions. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to capture such amusing moments and share them with the world online.

We couldn’t stop laughing at these adorable creatures behaving in the most unexpected manner. Will you join us in our excitement? If yes, then scroll down to have more fun:

12. A Proud Moment!!

Via richestkidonl** / reddit

“Graduated puppy class, so proud!”

13. Hey, whats dat purr?

Via revdrgonzo / reddit

14. When you said you’d start working out at the gym on Monday, and then you realize today is Monday!

Via Sir_Simon_ / reddit

15. Caught A Local Furry Gang Today.

Via hash4kash / reddit

“A need fur speed — have a coin?”

16. How am I looking Hooman?

Via a1rpla1nju1ce / reddit

17. First let me take a selfie!

Via  Noobulaiter / reddit

“Spoiling her Insta photos”

18. Did I reach the destination?

Via cheftlp1221 / imgur

19. Oh God! There’s a lot of Laundry.

Via rameyjm7 / reddit

“It’s time to do some laundry.”

20. When you realize that yesterday was the last day of sale.

Via  ArtsyGal93 / reddit

“Haven’t got a thing to wear…”

21. Please let me eat it…

Via friedghosts / reddit

“One last bite and I go on a diet, I swear.”

22. Lastly, the most adorable thing you will see today on the internet.

Via purplecactus24 / reddit

Which picture did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share these adorable pictures with your pet-lover friend to make their day.


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