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20 Comics That Hilariously Depicts Difference Between Cats And Dogs

For those who have had both cats and dogs, it is easier for us pin down the differences between these two animals. Cats are classy, independent and not always welcoming of our love and affection. On the other hand, dogs are naturally loving, caring and always ready to dive in pool of affection. Dogs would jump to you when you enter the house while cats will be just giving you that look of ‘Oh human again. Now that you’re here you might as well feed me and clean my poop’.

Though we already know about a lot of these differences, it is so much fun to state facts through visuals. Hence, we have gathered some amazing and really funny pictures that illustrate differences between cats and dogs. Scroll down and see if you can relate!

1. Lap Cuddles

Dogs are always so excited to be pet by you, so it makes you adore them so much. While dogs crave for your attention, cats are very picky with the people they choose to be around and to be loved from. They won’t be friendly with every house member so it is always a blessing when they choose you.

2. Petting a cat vs petting a dog


This is something I can understand so much. Dogs accept your love but cats would avoid physical contact at all costs! It is really sad, but what can we do?

3. Texting


Dogs are like those low maintenance friend who understand you and will fill you in with details even after you reply them late. They will accept you as you are and make you feel wanted. On the other hand, cats are just going to ignore you and leave you on seen!

4. Emotions


Dogs wear their hearts on their sleeve while cats never show what they are feeling! Cats will meow the same way when they need to be caressed, fed or when they need their litter tray cleaned. You can never know which one is it.

5. Who’s the real owner


Well, unfortunately, this is how it is. Dogs will reciprocate your energy and effort. Heck, they will love you even if you don’t give your best. On the contrary, cats seem to think we all completely owe them all that we do for them! I mean yes, but please also let us pet you more cats!

6. Finding help


How many times have we seen videos of dogs saving their owners? It is so heartwarming to see how caring and deeply empathetic they can be. I bet no cat has ever saved their owner from drowning.

7. Introductions


Domestic dogs are always seen to love the domestic cats. They hug them and protect them. But the domestic cats will ensure they showcase their sassy-ness and savageness not only hoomans but also on the domestic dogs!

8. Battle


It is so sad to see when your cats do not accept the love of your ever loving dogs! They just run away from any form of emotion. The dogs are feeling sad, cats!

9. Who they really are to you


Dogs are not only roommates but also your best friends! They will build that relationship to a real connection. Sadly, cats are like those people who you’d call your friend but they’ll claim they don’t know you.

10. Bath time


Hahaha, now this one is as closest to reality as it can get. Dogs may hesitate a little before the bath but they eventually fall into the trap. You will take hours to clean them so well and make sure they are free from all the dirt, but few hours after the wash they will show up with the same amount of dirt they had prior to the wash. Well, when it comes to cats, you can forget you will be able to bathe them regularly. Cats are hard to be bathed and they will never let you have it easy. Though, they are known to be self-cleaners, so it is okay if you don’t clean wash them every now and then.

Are there any other differences between cats and dogs that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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