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18 Cats That Purr Out From the Furry Crowd With Their Unique Features

Ask any cat owner what type of cat they have and you’ll probably hear something along the lines: Oh she’s a Norwegian spotted forest cat or something else equally fancy, but when you look at the cat, it’s just an orange cat, no different from all the other orange cats you’ve ever seen. So naturally, you just smile, nod, and admire that cute little fuzzball in all its ordinary but adorable glory. Even with there being 700 million cats in this world most people would just look at a cat and see a black, white, orange, grey, or brown cat as if they’re all different flavors of ice cream. But there’s so much more to each of these individual cats that make them so uniquely precious and admirable. Every cat has its own way of standing out against other cats be it with their curly brows, cow-colored fur, folded ears, or eyes that stun us with their unrealistic beauty. These cats prove to us how there can really be no standard to beauty because beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.


1. This cat’s owner thinks his eyes make him look grumpy but we think he looks red-carpet ready with his absolutely stunning and badass look.

Via © pretty-pet-meylin / Reddit

“Kaylis was born with half-eyelids, so he always looks grumpy, but he’s the sweetest boy.”

2. This cat is a way of nature’s reminder to us that love exists in all the places around us if only we remember to take a closer look.

Via MuseumCat033 / Reddit

“My girl has a heart on her nose.”

3. This cat really took being camera-ready 24/7 to the next level.

Via hennythingispossible / Reddit

“When nature uses eye shadow.”

4. When you watch too much Star Wars and now your cat turns itself into a furry version of Baby Yoda.

Via Instagram

5. Yeah, we got a unique tiny kitty.

Via South_Texas_Shooter / Reddit

“Our new Highlander kitten, polydactyl on all 4 paws and curled ears. We love our unique little kitty.”

6. This kitten looks like a piece of modern abstract art.

Via BuggleLugs / Reddit

“Everyone said she was the ugliest kitten they had ever seen and to not bother, but to me, she was the most unique.”

7. This cat’s curly brows look like butterfly wings and we love to see it.

Via Everath / Reddit

8. I am a Gentle-Purr…

Via Instagram

9. This cat looks like something straight out of a fantasy world. It’s just that stunning.

Via basedjamie / Reddit

“My albino ragdoll, Milo”

10. When your cat turns into a mini elephant.

Via chenDawg / Reddit

“Today we achieved MAXIMUM EARS!”

11. I wonder if this cat meows or moos.

Via Instagram

12. This cat looks like it embodies the spirit of both light and darkness. It’s almost like a creature from a mystical story.

Via plopflop / Reddit

“My cat is blind in her right eye, which is sad, but it also gives her a really unique look.”

13. This cat has effortlessly achieved the cat eye makeup look and it looks amazing.

Via pluteoid / Reddit

14. This cat’s folded ears make her look like a soft and tiny ball of fur.

Via ThisIsNotEla / Reddit© ThisIsNotEla / Reddit

“Her ears are folded due to her condition.”

15. Warning!! This cat has eyes deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Be careful not to drown.

Photo of beautiful cat outdoors on a sunny day in Arizona

16. This cat got the ‘Angry Bird’ eyebrows.

Via Peaches_Screams420 / Reddit

“I’ve named him Bushy Brows Sensei.”

17. This person found himself a cat with some extra features.

Via Thrimmar / Reddit

“My autistic cat with some extra features.”

18. This cat has a different arm from the rest of her body and we think it makes her look like she’s wearing beautiful designer clothes.

Via  sarahstars12 / Reddit

“My cat has just the one ginger arm. People make jokes but she’s perfect and beautiful to me.”

It’s true that all cats are different from each other in a multitude of different ways. It’s up to us to appreciate these differences and learn to love our cats unconditionally. Do you have any unique pets? Do they have any unique features? What do you love the most about your pets? Share their photos and stories with us, we would love to get to know more about them!


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