These Dramatic Animals Are More Expressive Than Emilia Clarke’s Eyebrows And Deserve An Oscar

Expression is what makes or breaks the deal.

When it comes to being expressive, I don’t think anyone does it better than humans. Yes, they do exaggerate a little in the movies and all, but expressions are like a playground for humans, we have a really strong game in that department and can use those expressions to literally make others bend to our will. It’s basically a skill learned by humans, taught by humans, and used by humans to both go with or against humans. Make what you want of it.

But guess who else is really good at this expression ga,e? It’s our very own gorgeous, adorable, amazing, and infamous pet animals. Now you guys must’ve heard of Emilia Clarke, our very own Daenerys Targaryen. If you don’t, I have no idea what rock you guys have been living under. So for those who do, please Google her if you don’t because you will thank us for the rest of your life. Those who know Emilia would know that she is very expressive when she talks and her eyebrows play a huge role in that. You will not have seen a more expressive human than Emilia Clarke but that’s just restricted to humans. When it comes to animals, their expression game is equal to if not better than Emilia’s.

Let’s enjoy some of the best facial expressions given off by animals. Scroll down below to enjoy this wholesomeness!

1. “Maybe if I stick my tongue out and close my eyes they won’t notice me.”


Michelle Cazares / Cutestpaw

2. “My friend’s cat just sits there and judges you.”


TheRealR0tb3rt / Imgur

3. “I can’t believe that just happened.”



4. “Look into my eyes and forget that I broke the vase…”


skeeze / Pixabay

5. “Are you doubting me?”


ranju379974 / Imgur

6. “I thought I told you to go away!”


iloveknives / Imgur

7. “Mooooom! There’s a flying cockroach!”

Michael Schwarzenberger / Pixabay

8. “I can smell a treat. Do you have one for me?”


Yujia Tang / Unsplash

9. “Who are you calling a pig?”

Kimberly Lake / Unsplash

10. “Did you say cheese?!”



Oof! Would you look at those dramatic asses? So adorable my heart is melting right now. The innocence of animals will be always unmatched. We will never stop loving our melodramatic superheroes.

11. “There’s drama at the neighbors’ place again.”

Flickr / Pexels

12. “Would you want to snuggle with me?”



13. “This is how I make a facepalm!”

Vineet Nangia / Unsplash

14. “My pet’s way of saying, ’I told you so!’”



15. “Bet you can’t do this!”


16. “You didn’t save any fish for me?”


Zoosnow / Pixabay

17. “I am not amused.”

Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto / Pixabay

18. “I can’t believe this dog just stuck his tongue out at me!”


Crapulence / Imgur

19. “My mama! Not yours!”

Jared Butler / Pexels

20. When they are about to tell who the mystery villain was…


Francesco Ungaro / Pexels

Well well well how was that for some drama? These cuties are really naughty, Humans really don’t deserve animals, I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below!


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