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Here Are 20 Animals Who Have Mastered The Art Of Hide and Seek, Spot Them If You Can

Pets are masters of camouflage.

Our four-legged furry friends love to play hide and seek, this is why some of the pet owners have got customized couches, beds and rugs that match them to take this game to another level. It’s hard, you can spot these animals on their couches, beds, rugs and even on the floor. We can’t decide whether these pet owners bought these items or their pets first? Seems like they perfectly matched both of them. Today, we have 20 animals who have mastered the art of hide and seek and it’s hard that you can spot these animals in these pictures. We are sure, you are going to have fun scrolling through these photos. Scroll down to let the fun begin.


1. “One of these things is not like the other”

© intelsa / reddit

2. There is a kitty in this picture, can you spot it?


© side-of-cajun-fries / reddit

3. The rug looks fluffy but why does it have ears and legs?


© KahlaPaints / reddit

4. Beige couch, beige dog, beige life.


© CapnFancyPants / reddit

5. So many cattos, which is the real one?


© Nieuport / reddit

6. Which one is not the stuffed animal?


© animalswithstuffedanimals / tumblr

Meet Simon F. Hamster.

7. “Wait a minute, one of these things is not like the other.”


© periodicg005 / reddit

She is sitting with her kitty friends.

8. When your puppy loves sleeping on the couch, get him a customized couch:


© unknown / imgur

9. Purrfect cameowflage:


© crystalink / reddit

10. Why does this bed have eyes?


© Shelbz0422 / reddit

Whether it is a coincidence or pet owners purposely matched their pets with daily objects, pets are taking full advantage of it. Whenever pet owners scold them or try to take them to the vet or give them a bath, they run to the rug, bed or couch so that their hoomans can not find them. These pets have mastered the art of camouflage and finding them is not easy. Be careful next time you step on the rug, there may be a fluffy cat laying on the rug.

11. Love the way his freckles are matching the couch.

© KeyCut / reddit

12. Walk carefully, there is a pupper that matches the rug.


© MrSpecks / reddit

13. Get a matching sofa for your cat:

© unknown / imgur

14. Why is the puppy not present in his bed?


© smolprincess928 / reddit

15. “Meet Luke, our kitten who knows how to expertly camouflage”

© Alice_in_wonder24 / reddit

We thought there is just one dog in the photo.

16. Meet Ling Ling.


© timo606 / reddit

Love the way Ling Ling is camouflaging with the floor.

17. “My dog Skye has become one with the snow, thoroughly skilled in the art of winter camouflage.”

© yozora25 / reddit

You can be tricked when your dog is as white as the snow.

18. There are two animals sitting on the sofa:


© BootieMcGee / imgur

19. You don’t need to find a place to hide when you have a rug that can camouflage you:

20. Why does the tree have eyes?


© deathakissaway / reddit

We hope you really enjoyed this post. Have you ever seen a pet camouflaging itself before? Comment down to let us know which of these animals did you like the most.


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