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25 Pets Who Have No Place For “Personal Space” In Their Dictionary

There is no such thing as personal space in the pets world.

Planning to adopt a pet? We suggest you think one more time. Adopting a pet does come with a lot of pros but it does have a con too. If you are ready, then you are welcome to the pets world. Forget your personal space if you want to pet an animal. Your furry friend will be everywhere. You cannot hide from him. From going to the toilet to taking a bath or attending university classes, your clingy little pet will be by your side 24/7. We have made a compilation of the iconic times when the hilarious pets forgot what privacy or personal space means and made us laugh like crazy. So, scroll down if you want to laugh with us.


1. If I fits, I sits.

© lmvo23/Reddit

2. Ahh, feels comfy now.


© Miss_Lame/Reddit

3. Good morning, human!


© SswearToShakeItUp/Reddit

4. When she wouldn’t let you shower alone.


© billypilgrimm/Reddit

5. Would you dare to ignore me again?


© aosky4/Reddit

6. That’s not your kitchen, that’s mine.


© YawningLyon/Reddit

7. Stalking neighbors.


© diegobusboy/Reddit

8. Her face is his favorite place to rest on.


© Dangsta_03/Reddit

9. When she is angry and hides in your drawer.


© semjazaa/Reddit

10. Peeing alone is not the option anymore.


© kittlebits/Reddit

11. The comfort of sleeping on a new car.

© Dandy_Boy_Apples/Reddit

12. No better place than this.


© fruitfly-1/Reddit

13. How can we not sleep on our bride’s gown?

© Bella_Swan4443/Reddit

Our adorable pets will share every moment of life with us. Look at these lovely doggos who thought to sleep on the bride’s gown on her wedding day. Seems like no event is complete without our pets. They seem to be unfamiliar with the words “privacy” and “personal space”. They would permanently stick to you and honestly, we don’t mind them sticking to us the rest of our lives.

14. You are not allowed to make any movements when she is sleeping.


© ram272/Reddit

15. Just a normal day with my cat.

© szor/Reddit

16. When you and your cat shower together.


© BowChikaMeowMeow/Reddit

17. The shower supervisor.

© casadella/Reddit

18. This fluff ball would show up every time I try to study.


© hjc26655/Reddit

19. She is waiting for my boyfriend to come home.

© idontknowiforgot/Reddit

20. When a romantic scene comes in the show you are watching.


© ambersaysnope/Reddit

21. You can’t work in this home.

© ZealousidealAd2251/Reddit


22. What’s for the food?


© terpsiterpsi/Reddit

23. You cannot enjoy a moment alone.

© IsaacTowellComedy/Reddit

24. When you know you have made a mistake and then hide under a flyer.

© JLishere/Reddit

25. Whenever someone comes home, she likes hiding inside the pillowcases.

© jacobgreen1/Reddit

26. Your hairdresser, ready to give you a new haircut.

© nyliecyrus/Reddit

From trying to bath alone to enjoying your me-time, your pets will not space you, so better forget it and enjoy with these cuties. Does your pet act super clingy? Does he/she ask for too much attention? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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