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20 Majestic Cats Living Life On Their Own Terms

Just cats being cats.

Believe me when I say this is a cat’s world and we are just living in it. It is their world, they are the main characters of their movies and we are just extras. They do what they want, they live how they want and they destroy everything in their way. They are total, they are majestic and we are their peasants. We have no purpose in our lives other than serving them. Keep on scrolling down to see some very mischievous cats…

1. “I just wanted a selfie with my cat.”

Image Credit: © rejeverdeen / reddit

2. Before getting a pet cat, her owner never ever thought he would be facing this like of problem.


Image Credit: © daammnbooiiii / reddit

3. It was not me, I swear human. Do not look at me like that.


Image Credit: © ItchyWombat / reddit

4. I just asked for one bite but you were ignoring me, human. Now eat it if you can.


Image Credit: © AirRaidJade / reddit

5. “His favorite place to nap is in the doorway of the bathroom… We’ve all just accepted it and now use the toilet with the door open.”


Image Credit: © 3ykd / reddit

6. You can not d your homework or any kind of work in piece if you have a kitten that likes to chew on everything in the house.


Image Credit: © BepBopBaloo / reddit

7. Your royal highness is calmly sitting on her throne. So majestic.


Image Credit: © unknown / reddit

8. “Thank you, Joe. This is what my day was missing.”


Image Credit: © andykaufmanismydad / reddit

9. I sits wherever I wants.


Image Credit: © lrsarker / reddit

10. So, this cat hates when his owner brushes her teeth. Apparently, he tries to fight it out of her mouth every morning.


Image Credit: © inkspecialist / reddit

Honestly, I love naughty kitties. They are so arrogant and they have such an intimidating personalities, you just can not ignore them. They effortlessly rule over their humans and we are not complaining because we love them just like they are. Even when they are being too dramatic, chaotic or annoying. We love them anyway. Keep on scrolling down…

11. Give me all your love and attention, human. I am your first and only priority.

Image Credit: © Rammsteinstochter / imgur

12. I just want you to pet me, my dear human. I will not let you do work.


Image Credit: © Rammsteinstochter / imgur

13. I am the one who deserves your attention, human. Not this boring game.

Image Credit: © ATX_Stig / reddit

14. “Locked my cat in the bathroom while I made a meal because he was being annoying. Revenge was bad.”


Image Credit: © GreyGhostPhoto / reddit

15. This is my world, I am the boss in this house. You all live according to my liking.

Image Credit: © raybanpat / reddit

16. “We thought having a cone collar fitted at the vet was bad enough, but then the dog had to come home to the cat.”


Image Credit: © freudian_nipple_slip / reddit

17. “Thanks Nori, for the cat hair all over my clothes.”

Image Credit: © ZZbrew / reddit

18. “She’s beauty and she’s grace, another set of blinds to replace.”


Image Credit: © unknown / imgur

19. I did not do it. I do not know why you always blame me. I did not do it, human! Trust me.

Image Credit: © MadalinaMadalin / reddit

20. “So this is why I was getting sleep paralysis every night…”


Image Credit: © vo_xv / reddit

I swear, cats love doing weird things at night when their humans go to sleep. Mine are playing theatre or something, they go crazy at night time. What is your cat’s weird habit? Comment down below…


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