18 Funniest Pics That Featuring Animals That Have No Plans Of Growing Up Anytime Soon

The child in an animal will never die.

Have you guys ever wondered what would be the age of animals in terms of what it would be if they were human children,? Well, according to many cat and dog experts around the world, cats if compared to humans grow up to a maximum age of 2 to 3 years old when it comes to intelligence level. And if we talk about dogs, their age in terms of intelligence levels of humans goes to a maximum of 2 to 2.5 years, that is even less than cats and you would think the case would be opposite given how small cats are and how big dogs can be.

The reason why we have posted this study over here is to tell you guys that animals never grow up. Age is just a number when it comes to animals because no matter if your pooch or feline is 9 or even 10 years old, their brains will be forever young and that is why they are all so innocent. And we absolutely love that about them. The things they do are so cute and hilarious, so much so that having an animal at your house or even viewing animal content online can make anyone’s dim day brighter. And the best part is, even though their brains are still very young, they are still amazing at companionship. They understand what caring means and would do anything in their power to make sure their owners are okay. That’s what love does to them, there is no creature perfect than animals. Your cutie would lay next to you all night long to help you through your sickness and would also break your 50 inches LED because why not. And that is exactly why it is so hard to understand animals.

Today we are going to enjoy some pictures of animals that prove they have no plans of growing up anytime soon.

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1. “Being watched while preparing a large meal at a friend’s house”


Via pomc/reddit

2. “Penny is showing off her empty yogurt container. No, it wasn’t stuck.”


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3. “The tongue hanging out is what gets me.”


Via southwoodhunter/reddit

4. “Stuck in a bird feeder in front of his squirrel friends. He got out.”


Via myniche999/reddit

5. “Trying the tree for lunch”


Via redlightgreenlighter/reddit

6. “She thinks I can’t see her.”


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7. “Cat on the hat”

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8. “I tried to get some nice pictures of the pup.”


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9. “My cousin’s dog after her nap”

Via e***verdandi/reddit

They are literally behaving like how we behaved as children. The things I would do as a child literally had no logic behind them, everything was just spontaneous and that’s what childhood is all about. You are a kid, you are not supposed to do any planning, you’re just supposed to wing it and have the parents worry about the consequences. And I feel like animals follow the same policy.


10. “What I put up with when gaming”


Via pinkybandit89/reddit

11. “I’m trying to work, but this guy is distracting me so hard.”

Via BilledSauce/reddit

12. “Why is everyone laughing at me? I stole this, I’m a bad boy!”


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13. “What do you mean, I sits weird?”

Via IStanCatwoman/reddit

14. “A squirrel near a dispensary thinks he is people.”


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15. “This sequence of my cat yawning is really something to behold.”

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16. “He saw the cat do it one time and this happens.”


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17. “Not a fan of the net.”

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18. “This is the most perfect photo I took in 7 years as a cat owner.”


Via ode26/reddit

We seriously do not deserve animals. Look what they all do for us and that too unintentionally most of the time. Our life would’ve been so incomplete without them and I am just super glad that they exist in our universe and not some other stinky one elsewhere. Animals make our lives better and I hope this post made your days better too.

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