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Hilarious Pet Photos From Pet Photo Awards That Will Leave You In Splits

The iconic photograph of Salvador Dali with trying to fly cats, taken in 1948 by famed photographer Philippe Halsman, required 26 takes and six hours of consistent work by three people (and three cats as well). Many of the victorious photos from the 2022 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Awards were taken by chance, but they are no less impressive.


Yes, the champions of the Humor Pet Award winners have just been confirmed, and we promise that this post will brighten your day and lift your spirits! So what are you waiting for viewers? Keep on scrolling down below and see these superb photos of adorable animals by yourself. Make sure you watch it till the end otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of fun. We are sure that you are going to love it. Good Luck!

1. This picture is taken by Jose Bayon and this picture portrayed the love Nilo’s love for water, look at all that excitement on his face.

“Nilo is an adopted puppy about 10 months old. He was hit by a car and was barely saved. Now recovered, he has just discovered water for the first time. His capers and pirouettes show his passion for water. Love at first sight”

via: Jose Bayon / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

2. This photo is taken by Sarah Fiona Helme and we are so sure that this photo will melt everyone’s heart it’s just too adorable


“Rosie was helping me in the greenhouse and decided to try, in her most engaging way, (and with the help of the wheelbarrow to stand on), to persuade me into giving her some of her favorite treats – which, being a lowly cat servant with no willpower, I did!”

via: Sarah Fiona Helme / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

3. This photo is People’s Choice Award, Winner and it was taken by Marko Jovanovic


“Carter was on a Euth list in California. We flew from Chicago to Cali to rescue him. This was his first time experiencing snow. As you can see, he couldn’t believe he was missing out all these years!”

via: Marko Jovanovic / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

4. Horse Category Winner: ‘Happy, Happy Horses!’ By Radim Filipek


via: Radim Filipek / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

5. The Con Artist. It’s Junior Category Winner: ‘Jack The Cat Stuck In The Hedge’ By Freya Sharpe


Freya Sharpe / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

6. Highly Commended: ‘Revenge Of The Tennis Ball’ By Christopher Johnson


Christopher Johnson / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

7. Presenting you Grandmistress Candy’ By Jonathan Casey


via: Jonathan Casey / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

8. ‘Werewolf 2.0’ By Karl Goldhamer


Karl Goldhamer / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

9. ‘Mine, Not Yours!’ By Lucy Sellors-Duval, this photo can melt any heart.


Lucy Sellors-Duval / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

As you are likely aware, the human story is actually the history of the competition between cats and dogs. A picture of a dog won in 2021, and cats are retaliating this year. The overall winner of the 2022 competition is Kenichi Morinaga’s photo “Boom Boom,” which was taken in Fukuoka, Japan.

Kenichi specializes in wedding photography as well as cat photography, however, the winning photograph was seized by chance. “Cats just happened to collide on the fence by accident,” the winner explains. “It turned out to be a very funny moment, just like in cartoons.”

“Photos taken by accident usually look better every time because you introduce that element of chance which is so special and unique”, says Michelle Wood, a co-organizer of the contest, “However, some staged photos are also hilarious, after all when photographing animals – you never know how they are going to act and that is part of the fun.”

“Last year we had lots of dogs and puppies, but this year cats and kittens have been so popular. We are not sure why but delighted to have our first cat Over All Winner of the competition!”, Michelle also comments.

10. ‘Smokin’ Alpaca’ By Stefan Brusius


via: Stefan Brusius / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

11. ‘Now, How Do I Upload My Pics?’ By Kenichi Morinaga

Kenichi Morinaga / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

12. ‘Boom Boom’ By Kenichi Morinaga


via: Kenichi Morinaga / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

13. ‘Too Desperate’ By Kazutoshi Ono, caption fits the photo here.

Advertisement by UDM

via: Kazutoshi ONO / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

14. Pets Who Look Like Owners Category Winner: ‘Dave And Dudley’ By Judy Nussenblatt


via: Judy Nussenblatt / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

15. ‘Omg What Is That’ By Beth Noble

via: Beth Noble / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

16. Comedy Pet Team Favourite: ‘Chauffeur Dog’ By Mehmet Aslan


via: Mehmet Aslan / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

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