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19 Animal Photos That Are Overloaded With Cuteness And Positivity

There is no shortage of animal cuteness in this world.

Hello everyone! We know you all are busy as hell but we want you all to take some time out of your hectic routines for some animal cuteness. You deserve some rest. You deserve to be happy. You don’t deserve to be overloaded with work. You deserve to be overloaded with cuteness and what’s cuter than adorable animals? Nothing, literally nothing compares to animals in cuteness. Today, we have compiled 19 animal photos that are overloaded with cuteness and positivity. We guarantee you will end up falling in love with these cuties beauties. So, scroll down and dive into the world of positivity.

1. When a kitten keeps following you, adopt him/her.

Via u/prince_mir97

“This kitten followed me home like 8 blocks and then after that, she broke into my house back in July of 2019. I wasn’t even mad I decided to keep her and I named her Shadow because she always sneaks up on people. She’s such an awesome friend to me.”

2. When your cat sees you reading, she would act to read as well:


Via u/toonio

3. “Dog broke his ankle jumping into the boat, dad broke his ankle jumping in after him. Dog looks totally stoked to match dad”


Via u/meiirenaa

He looks pretty happy and satisfied to break his leg.

4. When you hate the cone of shame but are okay with the plate:


Via u/Ibrakeforquiltshops

”Charlie got his balls snipped today and he hated the cone but is VERY okay with this plate instead. Here he is, purring.”

5. That’s how baby elephants give kisses:


Via u/longsanks

6. A crazy cat lady with her crazy cat getting a crazy selfie:


Via u/Miraster

7. “My surgery patient was cold so the only logical solution was to warm her up while I did my medical records. She’s doing great!!”


Via u/meowpal33

Great doctors take care of their patients.

8. “I absolutely love this picture of my dog Anakin and me. He finally has the high ground.”


Via u/freespiritedshadow

What a jump, man!

9. “My dad meeting his first granddogger”


Via u/RufustheCorgi

Grand-dogger is so happy to meet grandpa.

10. Meet this one-eyed catto who looks like she is winking at you all the time.


Via u/Jobbertus

You don’t have to be perfect to look cute. Animals are the cutest in all forms. Whatever their size, shape or color is. They would look cute all the time and provide nonstop entertainment to their owners. We all find cats and dogs cute but terrifying creatures like elephants and foxes are full of love and warmth. Scroll down for more.

11. “My old man. He’s turning 19 this May.”

Via u/cpaq15

Ahh, don’t call him old. He looks pretty young for his age and we are proud of him.

12. “My little floofer got an A+ on his report card at the groomer today.”


Via u/dupontred

What an achievement, boy!

13. “This little fox has been visiting my family several times lately”

Via u/mAtiPTF

He has chosen your family. You guys should choose him too.

14. “When you try to videochat with your cat and she recognizes you”


Via u/sulkapallolol

Oh my goodness! That’s my human.

15. “Everybody say hello to our brand new, rescue cat, Padmé”

Via u/SucculentPenguino

Welcome home, Padmé.

16. “When I house sat for my sister, her dogs were very happy to see me :)”


Via u/kachiggabro

Were not they happy with your sister?

17. “Barry got chipped and vaccinated today! He was so brave at the vets”

Via u/Salarmot

Barry did a great job!

18. “He may not be a cutie but my boy turned 25(human years) today and I wanted to share his beauty with all of you”


Via u/AdSignal1933

You blessed our day with his beauty and let us tell you, he is the cutest of the cute.

19. Meet Harvey! This is him after some minutes of being adopted.

Via u/mightbedylan

We are sure these animals made your day and gave you the positivity you really needed right now. Comment down to let us know which of these animals did you like the most from today’s list of cue animals.


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