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24 Animals That Let Their Personalities Shine Through The Lens

Animals are truly unpredictable. They have the unusual ability to surprise you when you least expect it and then have the audacity to be dramatic about it. They are really majestical creatures who can turn your life upside down without your acknowledgement. Their main superpower is mind control, they use that to make a place in our homes and then swivel their way into our hearts. But we can not put all the blame on them, they only do all of this to put us out of our misery and become our lifelong companions who are not only loyal but become the most important friends to us. That is what I would call their superpower, being so phenomenally remarkable, that you do not desire anything else.


However, pets really make your life incredible, they can help you put your life together piece by piece and that is the reason why they are called your best friends, their loyalty just speaks for itself. Today’s article will however not only make you appreciate the involvement of pets in your life but also make you laugh at how stupid and silly they can be when they want to be. They are truly the most hilarious species!

1. A hug a day keeps you happy all day!

via arthurarthmael/ Reddit

2. When all the seats used to be mine!

via messyjessy81/ Reddit

3. Give me the cake!

via whatsupaussieb***/ Reddit

4. A moment well captured!

via  averagehomosapien/ Reddit

5. Boop!

via CharmooShamu/ Reddit

6. When a little cuddling goes overboard!

via M***WithaMouse/ Reddit

7. All the feelings I feel in a day!

via  Sarsie63/ Reddit

8. When it’s your moms day to clean you…

via  SkoomaPumaaaaa/ Reddit

9. Two peas in a pod!

via Parasitisch/ Reddit

10. Picture perfect!

via CommercialGirl/ Reddit

11. You’re ‘Berry’ beautiful!

via  seventhpetal/ Reddit

12. When you force your pet to take pictures with you!

via MetalGearEngineer/ Reddit

13. That death grip though!

via nannerpusonpancakes/ Reddit

14. Ice ice baby!

via  oforf***sake/ Reddit

15. That smile though!

via jenfoster55/ Reddit

16. Loki sitting there like a god!

via spookyoeve/ Reddit

17. When you and your cat are both emos!

via  radicalgrandpa/ Reddit

18. That moment when you find that one comforting pose…

via FrankieNuggles/ Reddit

19. A little photobomb, please!

via  ilikemountaingoats/ Reddit

20. The three musketeers!

via Instagram

21. When you detect the camera on you…

via  urklehaze/ Reddit

22. The moment you outgrow your favourite sitting pose!

via  FirstmateJibbs/ Reddit

23. My two personalities…

via cuzimcait/ Reddit

24. Please don’t leave me!

via  emily_9511/ Reddit

Pets don’t ever say they’re angry, hungry, frustrated or sad, but all owners for some reason will always know what their pets are feeling. Love and friendship are not always about communication through language and people with pets know that best. Telling my dog that I’ll be back home soon knowing the drooling excitement they’ll experience to have me back is always a serotonin boost. A bond with our pets is always just uniquely special, no human expectations, nothing to gain, just the feeling of being heard even when we know they probably understand nothing, the feeling of comfort in every hug and pat will forever be extremely special, lucky those who get to experience it!

These best friends will absolutely make you fall in love with them. They have the power to make your day and make you laugh all at the same time. Pets especially help elevate your vibe, and their aura can literally make feel a thousand times better. We should be extremely grateful for getting the honour of being able to deserve them. We absolutely loved them! Let us know what you thought in the comment section.


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