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22 Dramatic Animals Whose Skills Went To A New Level

Sometimes, our pet’s dramatic performances surely deserve an Oscar Award. Their action speaks louder than words! They know how to react whether they are going to vet, going out for a walk, or when you bring another buddy home. They never fail in reacting hilariously, and that’s where we quickly run to grab our phones to capture the moment and save it for a good laugh later.

Animals are so innocent, that sometimes they show their inner reactions by using dramatic looks that bring smiles to our faces while leaving them with a blank look on their face. They can’t interpret what’s going on. But still, they are the drama stars. They know how to play dead, or sit quietly when they did something wrong. We gathered ridiculous reactions from these drama stars to bring a spark to your day. Have fun, scroll down to see hilarious posts of animals, and don’t forget to mention your favorite reaction in the comment section below!

1. Need some motivation, please.

Via © rshark78 / reddit

2. “The vet looked at his teeth and he just can’t handle himself.”

Via Wiedelkenny / reddit

3. “She’s allowed on the couch. She just wanted to be dramatic.”

Via floresynthesis / reddit

4. Wait. What!

Via a1ham / reddit

5. I think I forgot something.

Via  Cr**s_Da_Vinci / reddit

6. When you see another dog in the same house.

Via despacito_spooder / reddit

7. I don’t want to go home.

Via chemistdw / reddit

8. Believe me – I am innocent.

Via plastic-noodles / reddit

9. “Food beggar level 100.”

Via oiseaufeux / reddit

10. “He’s a drama queen. I told him to hush.”

Via Wifeofwes / reddit

11. “Sometimes he gets so happy that he gets stuck like this for a minute.”

Via  gir6 / reddit

Haha! These posts are filled with cuteness and innocence. These babies always win our hearts by reacting hilariously. They know how to bring joy in our life, no matter how your day was at the office or even if you were having a bad day at home, these pals are always here to brighten up our day. Thank you, buddies! Scroll down to see more hilarious reactions of these drama queens!

12. I want to go with you. 

Via C_Torque / reddit

13. Cuteness overload

Via  tronics1 / reddit

14. I’m not going in there. Nope.

Via pickupyourrubbish / reddit


Via  Allycorinne / imgur

16. “You said a bath would be fun.”

Via Thatsnothowanyofthisworks / imgur

17. “Screamed at me to let him on the balcony and now he’s doing this.”

Via cheesyfires / reddit

18. “Stop taking pictures and help me out!”

Via milimilim / reddit

19. My paws need some rest. 

Via roxooo / reddit

20. “Whitley wishes he had thumbs.”

Via  tychofan / reddit

21. A unicorn cat! No?

Via Ftwjillian / reddit

22. Who the hell is this? Explain, hooman!?

Via blacksailorvenus / reddit

How adorable these fluffies are. Thank you pals for making our day. They definitely know how much we adore them, that’s why they react like a drama queen in front of us. Let us know your favorite reaction in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more stories and hilarious reactions of these pets.


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