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13 Hilarious Photos That Prove Why Animals Should Stay Away From Water

Pets are amazing creatures. There mere presence in the house makes your day. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, the presence of these furry friends is heart warming as well as wholesome. It is said that people with pets succeed more in career and javr better life satisfaction than those who don’t. It is because the presence of these pets brighten up your days and fill your life with colors. If you have a pet at home, you must relate to what I am saying.


Considering this, we at defused have collected various such pictures of cas and dogs before and after taking a bath. We care about you and wanted to make your day a little brighter therefore we assembled this post for you. Turns out that, all pets hate baths but we have to give it to them when required. Following is the list of 13 photoa of different pets being bathed. These are cute and hilarious at the same time. So don’t forget to scroll till the end and give us your feedback on this.

1. How do I unsee this?

© unknown / reddit

2. She really seems to be pissed off while having bathing



via chronicles_of_garebear

3. This one should have definitely stayed away from water


© pawsitivelynotacat / reddit© pawsitivelynotacat / reddit

4. Mama doggo and kids doggos while having a bath, little ones are difficult to be recognised.


5. I cannot believe these are the same dogs, can you?


6. This one does not know how to burst out her anger of being put to bath


7. I wonder how are they seeing


via theaussiedoodletrio

We hope you are enjoying this post, ig not, then scroll down below, you might see something fascinating.

8. Little kitty with punch face hates to go to the sink or get wet


via _furbylicious_

9. Persian angry cat wants to try everything to not take a bath


via frankie_and_zizi

10. Her face says, ‘now dry me you evil’

via miukuthemainecoon

11. This cat definitely looks filthy while being wet


via kissamaison

12. Doggo would be good as new once he dries

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12. She in the mirror: Who am I?


via catsofwindsorontario

13. The way her head is flattened, I can’t

If you have a ct, you would know how much they hate being in the water. When ever you try to bath them, tey try their best t9 be out of that situation. They will stick their paws somewhere and try to escape. But in the end, getting bath is their faith so what else can they do. Do not forget to share you feedback on this post and share it with your friends and families. Stay connected to defused if you want more wholesome content to be posted. Stay Blessed and have a nice day.

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