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25 People Who Wanted A Big Teddy Bear At Home, So They Got A Newfoundland Dog

Dogs are such amazing creatures. They know what we’re going through, they make us joyful, and they love us without condition. They are without a doubt our most devoted and courageous companions. It is safe to argue that every breed of dog deserves the opportunity to be loved. Each dog breed has its set of proclivities. Having said that, Newfoundland dogs are exceedingly adorable to the point where you will be unable to face the thought of parting with them after you have acquired one of these adorable creatures.

Newfoundland dogs are recognized for having dark hairy coats, being waterproof, and being extremely affectionate towards their owners. Despite their huge appearances they are a sweet-heart! In addition, they are intelligent and easy to train, and they have webbed paws to help them swim better. They are so fluffy that when you cuddle with them it would seem like you’re cuddling with a teddy bear! This time around, we’ve gathered a collection of Newfoundland dogs who are far too charming for their own good.

1. Is that an adorable gorilla or a Newfoundland puppy?!

via © tanzaniteflame / Reddit

2. That child has the cutest security guard!

via © BlondeAussieGirl1990 / Reddit

3. If this isn’t friendship goals then what is?

via ©dimka_motocross

4. Dreaming about being big enough to climb over that fence!

via © Khristina / Reddit

5. Time for some BIG hugs!!


6. Two little babies in one picture!

via © Prostoilogin / Pikabu

7. “I absolutely love ice cream!”

via © DMelechow93 / Pikabu

8. Adorable is an understatement!

via ©/finneganthenewfie

“Yes, my mom usually looks adoringly at me… Why shouldn’t she? I am soo adorable!”

9. Look at those big paws!

via © drummerguy1423 / Reddit

“We adopted this Newfoundland today. His name is Moose. He’s already knocked over a table.”

10. Meet Aurora, a Newfoundland with the most lovely pair of eyes!

via © CamaroSkip / Reddit

11. A Newfoundland dog taking a pony out on a walk!

via © nikom1 / Pikabu

12. “14 weeks, 50 lbs”! They definitely grow up too fast!

via © mozman68 / Reddit

“14 weeks, 50 lbs, my best buddy! Meet Ollie the Newfoundland!”

13. “It’s my turn now! My turn!!”

14. We believe in you, Lakaya!

via © LarrysaStylinson / Pikabu

“This is Lakaya, she thinks she’s a grizzly bear… But, she’s just a Newfoundland.”

15. She must have grown up in a household with cats!

via © Majesty1990 / Pikabu

16. Such an aesthetically pleasing photograph!

via © jrvehrs / Imgur

“My dad cradling his 13 week old Newfoundland pup”

17. This Newfie is of almost the same height as her!

via © Sartargar / Pikabu

18. “This is a Newfoundland dog, not a bear.” This could’ve easily been a picture of a bear. Thank you for the clarification OP.

via © maz-o / Reddit

19. This Newfie looks like it is in a rockstar band!

via © dannygally / Reddit

20. “Scooch! There is a lot of room for me to sit!”

via © guboshlep777 / Pikabu

21. The car isn’t big enough!

via © Uploaded / Imgur

“Here’s my boyfriend’s Newfoundland on his way to the beach.”

22. This Newfie seems like such a good doggo!

via © Cbren67 / Reddit

“Newfoundland in Newfoundland, Canada”

23. Just an 8-month-old baby Newfie!

via © deysiy / Reddit

24. This is Ludo, and Ludo cannot fit in his favorite place anymore!

via © Vokaa / Reddit

Bonus: This just shows that no matter how big, Newfies are just sweet little pups!

All these super cute pictures of Newfoundland dogs must make you want to get one right away! It is no doubt that these dogs are the most loving and tend to fit right in. If you have any pictures of Newfoundland dogs, share them with us!


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