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18 Cats Hilariously Demonstrating Their ‘Cat Logic’

Have you ever tried to understand your cats logic but failed miserably?

Well, guess what, you are not the only one! Cats are well known for their mysterious natures and silly logics which are simply beyond our sight! Hey, don’t get us wrong, our furry little companions are incredible creatures and they surely come with numerous benefits as well. Whenever you are just tired of the world and need to take off your stress, you can always turn towards your feline friend who’d be there to cheer you up with their adorable yet stoopid little acts. But what are these cat logics that we are talking about? If you own a kitty, you would know but if you don’t, you are definitely in for some fun!

One of the cats logic includes ignoring their comfiest cat bed or a spot that you have made especially for them with all those cosy blankets for a hard patch of floor. We could never understand why would they choose something so uncomfortable to sleep on rather than the luxurious & comfiest places that we have provided to them, right? Now, just to satisfy our inner selves or make sense about their logic, it has been said that they would choose to nap on the floor as it’s generally cooler which can help them maintain their optimum body temperature OR maybe they just want to give you a message that regardless of how much money you spend to impress them or how much efforts you put in for their comfort, they won’t be impressed because that’s just a part of our job. A job? Yep, a job to serve them, worship them and fulfil their every need.

We are not the only one’s here trying to comprehend “cat logic”, people from all around the world are struggling too. We have gathered up a few pictures which people have shared trying to understand the reason or motive behind their acts. Let’s see what explanation do you have for it, shall we? Scroll ahead!

1. “He’s got a full bowl of water inside.”

Via u/k1llallh1pp1es

But nope, he would drink it from the birdies bowl. What you gon do, hooman?

2. “This is how my cat sleeps.”

Via u/assburgers98

Someone’s too lazy!

3. “Oh, thought you went to work. I was bored so I decided to hangout with the curtains!”

Via IIwaterfountains

Look at that adorable facial expression!

4. “Pssh, up here! What’s up? Are you taking a shower, hooman?

Via AredLion

Yep, they can be a creep too sometimes.

5. “I will teach you non-standard ways to use a scratching post.”

Via u/Lo0ody-

Yoga classes anyone?

6. “Why are you staring at me like that, hooman? It’s a nice place to sit!”

Via urbanoffroad

Damn, such skills!

7. “Ah, this is too much effort. I’m just gonna take a small nap first and then go over to the other side”

Via DD1234567

That’s alright, kitty. It’s your place, your house, your world. Sleep wherever you want.

8. “Oh, this is such a comfy spot. I hope you don’t mind?”

Via u/gerbcity

No no, absolutely not. We need something fascinating anyway to look at while taking a dump.

Still struggling to explain the logic, aren’t you? That’s okay, as we said earlier, their logics are entirely beyond our brains to understand so don’t put any pressure on it. Let’s just go ahead and take a look at the rest of the pictures because it just keeps on getting funnier! Keep on scrollin’ hooman!

9. “My friend built a house for his cat…”

Via u/justanotherjack

And to this day, he still sleeps on the top!

10. “What? We thought you’d be joining us?”

Via u/bigblackpussycat

Really? Does it look like I can fit into it?

11. “What do you mean I’m not a spiderman?”

Via u/Playland

“I am your superhero, hooman”

12. “Can you at least pretend to be normal?”

Via u/mdanger88

Normal? What normal?

13. “Angels. Absolute angels.”

Via u/skeptic_septic

Angels, indeed.

14. “My son and my cat have a weird relationship.”

Via u/Buzzspucket

Yeah, your sons a horsie for the cat. We get it.

15. “Try my extra ingredient.”

Via u/special-stars


16. “Just bought a new game for our cat Thomas, but I think he’s playing it wrong…”

Via u/dbiryukovich

No, you just can’t understand their intelligence, hooman.

17. “Her annual Christmas ritual”

Via u/Gouca

“Does it not look prettier now?”

18. “Damn, I’m sexay”

Via ktobey

Sure, you are.

Well, what do you think? Were you able to explain any of those logics? I mean, yeah we get it that our tiny brains can simply not comprehend their cool cat logics but hey, we are still trying here! We are pretty sure that you can relate to more than half of these if you own a kitty! Let us know which one was your favourite one, into the comments section below.


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