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22 Furry And Feathered Animals That Came To This World To Make You Smile

Animals are full of pure joy!

Life has become so busy these days that we hardly find time for ourselves. Have you ever thought what’s the purpose of life and why we are doing what we are doing? Why do we work? What do we earn money for? We guess, to live a happy life but are we happy? No, we have become so busy making money and trying to be happy that we have actually forgotten how to stay happy or even smile. It’s the little things that can make us happy and we should focus on such things. Like, animals. Animals are full of happiness and have the ability to make anyone smile instantly. Today, we have a compilation of 22 furry and feathered animals that we are sure will bring a big smile to your face. So, scroll down.

1. When your mom goes out to bring lunch for you and you wait there like:


Via u/Xeqqy

2. Same pose, same energy, same beauty.


Via u/dl_supertroll

3. “Anxiously awaiting toy retrieval”


Via u/my_stupid_name

Human, did you see it? It’s right there.

4. What’s better than saving dolphins?

Via u/Triggercut72

5. That’s us as soon as we realize mom is coming to see if we have slept:

Via u/liquidpenguin42

6. “Marinating the chicken”

Via u/9999monkeys

He seems to enjoy the bath time.

7. “Losing the limb game is not an option.”

Via u/CAP_X

8. “auto-leveling meerkat”

Via u/CommercialsMaybe

9. Guys, don’t forget to comb your puppies.

Via u/koalamiki10

10. “Someone is jealous.”

Via u/Zephreal

Aww, look at these kittens. They look super obsessed with this horse and he is letting them love him. You don’t have to be a biological mother to provide love and warmth to kittens. Just offer love and kittens are all yours. Did anyone notice the jealousy on the capybara’s face? Hilarious. He is acting as if he does not care but we can all smell jealousy.

11. Which one should I choose?

Via u/Winged_Daedalus

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”

12. “A sleepy red panda for your troubles”

Via u/TurdsforNipples

Please, don’t fall cutie.

13. That’s the secret behind his long, healthy beard.

Via u/Palana

Guys, get a cat.

14. Who sleeps in hands?


Via u/ciaelle

15. “Look at this mother Quokka enjoying her leaf!”


Via u/tarush8

Happiness lies in little things.

16. That’s how we want our Sundays to be:


Via u/savage-dragon

Us and a beautiful field of flowers. That’s it.

17. The face that you make when you see them eating your favorite chocolate:

Via r/aww

18. “It looks like a galaxy”


Via u/Idkagoodname1111

He has come straight from the galaxy.

19. “When you’re dark and spooky but very cute.”

Via u/LouiRyan

20. When a bee tries to be your friend:


Via u/Xeqqy

21. “A puppy named Marley with her bunny friend Beau”

Via u/mac_is_crack

We love such unique friendships.

22. Yoga with your doggo is the best thing ever!


Via u/upvoter222

These beautiful animals and birds have made our mood so much better than before. We can literally feel the happiness and hope you are feeling the same. Did they make you smile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below.


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