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Pets That Are Causing Trouble All The Time So Their Humans Decided To Publicly Shame Them

If you are lucky, you would find a very calm and peaceful pet. They won’t create much mess in the house or get involved in random fights. They won’t scratch your sofa to the point it does not even look like a sofa, but a dump straight out of trash. The other half of pets however are not the most peaceful creatures. They will turn your house into an absolute mess and won’t even help you clean it. You would have to deal with all that chaos all on your own. It does not matter you have a huge exam the next day, your pet will show you remorse and not help you even the slightest bit. You would not even get a warning about the mess that is about to be made and the next second, you witness yourself to be standing in the middle of huge damage.


After so many instances of catching your pets in their very own mess, you began to think whether your pet needs to be given some form of punishment. I mean, we have to teach them somehow that what they have done is not appreciated, right? Well, you are not alone. A lot of other pet owners also feel the need to do this with their pets. I don’t know what your pet’s story is, but the stories mentioned below are hilarious! We cannot even fathom what mischief our beloved pets are capable of.

1. “Left This Note For My Husband”

Via plant_doctor

We have all been through this. And no matter how many times we learn, we still get lured into feeding them more than needed literally every day. Something needs to be done about this or that cat food will finish within a week’s time.

2. Mommy should never leave her kid alone

Via darrelthebarncat

Oh boy, imagine having a weekend getaway and when you get on the trip, you find your cat sitting right next to you and it is too late to drop her back home. This cat really did pull something here.

3. Huxley, the troubled one

Via hugoandursula

It is always one of the siblings that causes the trouble. The other one is just an innocent bystander who does not know why their sibling is being so naughty! Huxley, apparently, sure keeps his parents busy with all the shouting they have to do at him.

4. Terror during Horror movie

Via codylab

Poor guy! It was not his fault he had to fart. But hearing even the slightest loud noise during a horror movie just makes you sit right up! Just Imagine you are trying hard to stay calm throughout the movie and you end up giving away to a fart.

5. Kool-Aid Man

Via gsdzelda

Man, how chaotic does one have to be to go through a screen door? The poor screen door did not even get to live one day at the house and it got already destroyed by this little man who clearly rules the house.

6. Partners in crime

Via idahocowgirl5

Woah! That is a big one. Imagine you get tiny animals thinking they won’t cause much trouble, and then they end up doing this. This has to be the greatest damage that has been created by pets. And that is a huge amount. Whoever the pet owner is, they should get ready to be broke as hell!

7. Medical emergency

Via Shibaru-in-a-Subaru

Now, for us the greatest danger must be dying. But for these little pets, physical hygiene is a matter of great concern and they take it very seriously. But damn, just notice the difference between our thoughts and that of animals.

8. “Hamburger Thief”

Via Aspyr99

Such an innocent crime committed by such an innocent dog! Her face is just giving it away. She seems so clueless about what she had done. She just saw food and ran for it. We cannot deny we humans are always fighting the urge to do it too. I hope the person was a dog lover and did not mind their hamburger getting stolen. Or maybe it did. I just hope this precious baby does not get punished for long. No one should be punished for getting food!

9. Poop mess!

Via norwegianpuddycat

Oh God, how do these little creatures have it in them to even think of such elaborate plans? They can be so mischievous sometimes it is beyond comprehension.

10. Hoodie as the next victim

Via ellieconclavi

All the cat owners know it is a big struggle to keep anything that is even slightly warm away from cats. Sometimes cats would find something they are very comfortable in and will take the opportunity to pee on it. Yes, we’re telling you, that is an actual thing. So before you get a cat, do take this into consideration.

11. Disco poo!

Via cshel718

Out of all the messes, this one I surely do not mind. It is actually so funny that this dog thought the Christmas ornaments were food. I guess sometimes when our food always has similar boring colors, it is nice to switch it up and eat something that is shiny and glitter.

12. Groundhog in trouble!


This dog woke up and chose violence! Chasing a groundhog like that? Poor groundhog must have thought it was going to have a good day and then ended up getting chased by this silly dog. Not once, but twice!

13. Glutton brings crazy vet bills!

Via baquea

All our cats have been there pan! They all like to food you into feeding them 20 times a day. And then they end up puking and getting slouchy all the time. The mommy gets scolded by the vet in the end. Do anything but feed your cats more than needed, guys! It is a clear trap, do not fall into it.

14. “I Found Out I Wasn’t Included In Mum’s Next Holiday, So I Ate Her Passport”


Well, she had to do something to show her anger. Mom was not taking her to the trip. She was going to be all alone in the house and miss her mom terribly. She was already missing Mum so much. This was the only way to keep her from going.

15. Slippers are to litter!

Via Beccers

Just Imagine getting quickly getting ready to run errands at the store. You wear your slippers and feel something mushy squish between your fingers. You take out your foot and find your foot completely covered in something brown. Turns out, it is your hedgehog’s poop.

16. Time to test something new for dinner

Via eaclem

The expressions on both of their faces are literally timeless. The man is fully pissed and does not know what it did to get his teeth eaten like this. He would have to show up at work tomorrow without his teeth. Damn! And the dog is freaked out that he got caught. He just was not expecting to get caught for eating something so random on his dad’s side table.

17. No work from home!

Via rera_pops

When we come back from work, our pets are excited because they can finally get all the attention that was lacking in their day. When quarantine started, cats were more elated than ever. It was like a vacation for them. They could not understand why all the humans were staying home all the time. Was is it because they realized the cat has been craving attention? Turns out, the humans have brought work to home and are paying less attention than they did before. The cat had to do something to get the attention.

18. Hi to the kids!

Via gnoc.gus.mav

I have no human kids in my house to play with. Everyone is so tall and older. They all have work and treat me like a little child. I wanted someone little and new to play with me. Someone I could relate to, Someone who is my size. I had to do something!

19. Oopsies!


Puppy: The bigger door was so big and I always had to wait for the human to open it for me. Sometimes I was in a hurry and I had to go out. I could not just sit and do nothing about my needs. I had to make a door for myself! I do not care how it looks to the guests.

20. “I Was Having A Good Morning. Everything Was Going Well. Then I Came Home To This Glitter Bomb”

Via delilah_and_luna

Glitter messes are the best!

21. Binx hates nice things!

Via samantha_wa11ace

God knows how I can never buy pretty, nice, and delicate things because I know my cat probably break it. It is never useful. You buy something one day, and the next day you find it in complete ruins. Binx is just one of those many cats who like to be the only pretty thing in the house. They want people to admire her beauty and hers only, not some stupid decoration piece.

22. I can be evil too

Via theperfectparrot

This is some next-level mastermind work. Everyone in the house has been working so hard and has been so busy with their work lately. They never have time to do something else and relax. Alex just wanted to have some fun and divert their mind from work for a while!

23. Mouse acquaintance

Via  countvonmeatball

But the question is, why did the cat do it? Why didn’t she just eat the mouse when she found it? I am getting the feeling either this cat was upset at the human for something, or she just needed a new tiny friend. Either mommy forgot to give her treats today, or she was so tired of all her toys that she needed a new toy to play with either. Whatever the reasons are, I just hope the mouse survived in the end.

24. I wanted a slice too!

Via sheslosingit247

I usually eat the chicken and dog food my human gives me, but after seeing my humans often eat this round-sized food, I also wanted to see what it tasted like. I was full of curiosity and the human would not offer a single slice to me on their own. I waited for the human to leave and took my first bite. The first bite was so perfect that I couldn’t help but continue eating. The next thing I know, I have eaten the whole pizza and my left human no slice! I guess I understand why they also forget to share.

25. “Colin My Naughty Cockeral. The Kids Are Scared Of Him And So Are The Neighbors”

Via athomewiththerobinsons

His face screams terror! I don’t know what has angered this big guy so much. The kids were probably fooling around him and try to mess with him. He does not seem like the cockerel who likes to share his personal space much. He looks more of a private kind of guy!

26.  Snakes and Cats go together!

Via  ellenbarford

If you thought your cat was secretly the evilest cat to exist, you are wrong! Because this cat just won the award for getting the most scare out of her human. Just observe those eyes, they are full of feelings of vengeance and evil. I would be scared as hell!

27. Crises of Corona

Via aryaandthegang

As if things could not get any worse, these kids decided they will make quarantine more difficult than it already is. They were probably confused about where all the supply is coming from. I mean, there were so many toilet papers. A human could afford some more, right? Should not matter if we ate these ones

28. Lost to a skunk!

Via officialapollothehusky

Dog: Darn it, this is the lowest point in my life. I lost to a skunk. I really thought I had it in me to fight it and win!

29. Embarassing!

Via disablednotdefeated

“You will be embarrassed once in a while” should be a warning sign that should come when you are adopting a dog! These things happen and you are left to handle the embarrassment. How can we communicate to these precious little innocent creatures about the gravity of their actions?

30. Replacement for treats

Via cjenglishauthor

The pieces looked so colorful! They had more color in them than my regular food and treats. I had to check what they tasted like.

31. Sharing is caring


Dad always tells me how much he loves me. He tells me I am a queen and all that belongs to him, belongs to me too. So when I saw my dad’s bread slices with peanut butter on them, I thought we could share, right? It looked so tasty and irresistible. Dad is always telling the kids sharing is caring, so I thought it applied here too.

32. Torn to pieces!


I did not approve of this dog shaming at all. I am a good boy and we need a dog appreciation calendar instead of a dog shaming calendar.

33. Moo point


I just want people to think my human is busy with things at the house and has matters to cater to, so they could end the call early and let me human give me his full undivided attention to me!

34. Alexa talked too much!

Via shibagram__inari_kitsune

Alexa really does talk too much and it felt like the human was paying more attention to Alexa. They seemed to have this very constant communication that this dog was not very fond of. He was feeling territorial about her human, so decided to eat Alexa!

35. Cookie thief


My human at my home always shares his food with me. I thought the kids would too. And to be honest, I just really wanted to make new friends.

36. I didn’t do it…

Via  CreatrixAnima

Poor mom had to face the consequences of this cat’s mess!

37.  “Had A Bit Of A Scare Yesterday When I Got Home. There’s Never A Dull Moment With These Two, I Swear”

Via rantandraeve

What a cute couple! The cat probably keeps all the secrets of the dog. They are both in this together!

38. Fart for my mother

Via  ambrosefamilypets

I fart on my mother’s face and then run into my beautiful little house with red roses on it. It makes me look sophisticated and not like someone who farts on people’s faces!

39. Ruby in the ruins!

Via  fchrzan

This little guy’s mastermind makes up for his little size. It really does not matter how small they are, they can be easily capable of spreading chaos!

40. “Candy (Left) And Casper (Right). Casper Is Pretty Stupid. Picture Says It All”

Via sjrbookworm

Damn, this is one of those priceless moments that just sound way funnier in the future while reminiscing.

Long run, guys! But I think it was totally worth it. To be honest, I am in kind of a shock. I never even imagined that animals were capable of such acts! These are the funniest and naughty behaviors I have ever read. Comparing my cat to these pets, I am just realizing how peaceful and calm my cat is. The most she has done is pee on every furniture item ever, including clothes. She has broken a few things here and there, but that is all. These stories are some next time evil behaviors. But regardless, the babies still radiate the most beautiful energy. No matter what animals do, our love for them is without boundaries and unconditional.

Don’t be shy, tell us about the most chaotic things your pets have done!


What do you think?