20 Animals Who Forgot How To Operate

Imagine forgetting your own user manual.

This often happens with our pet animals. I mean, humans like Karen have no idea how to operate like normal humans but we such cases in our innocent pets every now and then. By forgetting their user manuals, I refer to them literally losing their ability to perform the way they normally do. So they would basically start acting super weird, and crazy, and fill our lives with surprises. Imagine a cat not behaving like a cat. That would definitely be a one to watch. Like, I can’t even think of a situation where a cat, who believe to be very sophisticated, independent, and formal, is hanging upside down from a kitchen cabinet. Or a dog getting scared of an insect. There are just some of the countless things you don’t normally expect from these creatures. And when they end up behaving very differently from how they normally behave, the returns turn out to be surprising but very hilarious as well.


Today we are going to look at some cute, gorgeous, and innocent pets who really did forget where they put their user manuals and ended up eye-balling with regards to how they behave.

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1. The face this cat made after using meows to bring its owner near it, from the other side of the house.

Via MissSailorSarah / Reddit

2. The cat wanted to admire the beauty of that plant up close.


Via Funkofairy / Reddit

3. The owner had the ceiling tiles removed for renovations. This is where his cat was found a little while after the work was complete.


Via proffie / Reddit

4. When you have a walk with full excitement and suddenly flop down when it is time to walk back, so your owner picks you up.


Via chefluke1 / Reddit

5. Uh ho, the cat broke again. Somebody press the reset button.


Via aghend75 / Reddit

6. His family knows he is an alien but he still tries to act like a cat all day long, failing miserably at it.


Via Wolfie-Couture / Reddit

7. What phase of a lovely dream is that dog in?


Via CamdanM / Reddit

8. He decided the pot is going to be his new bed now. He has been sleeping in it every day since claiming it.


Via BearMelon / Reddit

9. The cat has mastered how to do yoga in sleep.


Via Kullyre / Reddit

10. He thinks his owners have forgotten how old he is.


Via flashftw / Reddit

Behaving like themselves or behaving like anyone else, our pets literally look so adorable and innocent in these pictures. I really can’t, my heart is about to melt. And we aren’t even done yet. What makes me really happy is that this weirdness shows openness. The pets feel confident about doing anything they want to and have no fear of anyone judging them. This means they are living in a very ideal environment where they receive nothing but endless love and undying affection from their owners. Had they been living with someone who doesn’t honor and respect their presence, the pets wouldn’t have blessed those owners with this amazingness either.

Go get your refills because we are going to resume the journey now. Scroll down to enjoy some more images of our favorite pets behaving like anyone but themselves.

11. Wait, let me strike you pose you have never seen me strike.

Via tachineko.ym

12. This is what negotiating with a dog looks like. The owner is about to lose.


Via TataBashBear / Reddit

13. The black dog is deeply analyzing what happened to its friend.

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Via MortyCatb**t

14. The cat was normal. Then this event happened. Then the cat returned to normal.


Via ameirehc / Reddit

15. No matter where he is, every time the fridge opens, he appears inside.

Via phaedrablair / Reddit

16. “I chew… this?”


Via ThaRandl / Reddit

17. “I’m small but tall.”

Via bcaa / Reddit

18. “I have a weird bug on my curtain.”


Via Oroborus18 / Reddit

19. “My cat sleeps in the sofa, not on it.”

Via HamHype / Reddit

20. “Trying to get a photo with my dog”


Via kaymoo212 / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. I love how our pets, even indirectly, make our lives so much good, fun, and stress-free. How do they do it? I still don’t know the answer. I think they wouldn’t want us to know either. So let’s just cherish what we have, while we still can.

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