50 Hilarious Photos Of Animals With Very Powerful Auras

Animals > Humans.

I said it and I mean it. Anyone that has been around animals, and humans, know that humans are no match for animals. Animals are the best in every way possible. They have such strong personalities and are always two steps ahead of humans. Animals are interesting, unlike humans. They always have new tricks up their sleeves which is why we never get bored of them. Animals can easily make us feel inferior. For example; cats. Have you ever tried ordering one around? They will shut you up and put you in your place. Animals like that have extremely powerful auras and we do not mess with them. Not because they might harm us, but because they are so much superior to us.


A Facebook page named ‘Animals With Powerful Auras’ has managed to gather over 312k followers. The main theme of the page is edgy content, mostly regarding animals, and it is also hilarious. What do they mean when they say “powerful auras”? You’ll find out soon enough by scrolling down below:

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1. Just chilling in the pool, vibing on his own.

2. Have you ever seen a tapir smiling?


3. When you refuse to believe you aren’t a lap dog anymore.


4. Don’t touch me. I’m angry!


5. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


6. Your chances of being attacked by an army of toads are little, but not zero.


7. “I love you this much.”


8. The circle of life.


9. This guy is a mood.


10. Why is his face so human-like?


The founder of “Animals With Powerful Auras” shared that their page does not follow a specific theme. The posts are mostly random, but hilarious and slightly edgy. “It’s a lot of stream of consciousness,” they told Bored Panda.

11. This kitty has a quest for you.

12. Okay, this dog has really creepy eyes.


13. Like mother, like daughter.

14. Check out my new headphones.


15. Sonic the Hedgehog needs to start running again.

The founder made the page after their dog passed away. They started their page-making journey when they made the page “Bed Goblins” but it didn’t gain a lot of followers. Bed Goblins and Animals With Powerful Auras were very alike except Bed Goblins was “more dog focused and [with] less subversive content.”

16. Join us! Join us!


17. Me first, game later.

18. Look at this cute little ball of fluff with a face!


19. He needs two front teeth.

20. The statue helps thirsty animals.


When asked about their plans for the future or any goals they wish to achieve, the founder said that they have none. “There is literally no planning that goes into the content. I have no plans for 2021 except maybe try to sell shirts at some point,” the founder told Bored Panda. They were very casual and candid.

21. “I’m ready for my close-up. Not that close.”

22. Imagine walking in on your cat drinking water like this.


23. This looks like the hero’s entrance in a movie.

24. This is straight-up nightmare fuel.

25. They all look so angry.

The founder does have a few hobbies which include bodybuilding, painting, art, and playing the guitar. However, they had to give up everything except bodybuilding because of their increase in workload. They don’t have time to even sort out the content on their page. When asked how they differentiate between an animal with a powerful aura and an animal with a weak one, they said, “I think you just know it when you see it,” they said, stating that they “pretty much enjoy all animal pictures.” The founder also has a Patreon page set up to get help so they could quit their job. “Hello, I’m the admin and I’m here to beg like for your help like the coward that I am. I need your money to buy pizza and build a throne of trash to rival the Tower of Babel,” the founder of the page writes. “Jokes aside, I could really use your help. I currently work in healthcare. I work a lot. I want to spend less time testing body fluids and more time writing jokes and making memes about them.”

The founder explained why their page should be supported by saying, “Ideally, I’d like to have more time to design [stuff] and branch out onto some other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Club Penguin, and be able to afford enough space to have a computer to photoshop things again. I also want to work on other side project pages and groups.”

“Pros: More original content. More content. More animal memes. More memes. Cons: you give me some of your money.”

26. That is the biggest pig I have ever seen in my life.


27. Please neuter your dogs.


28. Just silly old doggo, strolling on the streets.

29. When you look tough but are all rainbows and butterflies inside.


30. Get the cone of shame off me this instance, human!

31. Here is another tapir smiling.

32. “What are you going to do about it?”


33. Making new friends.

34. I want to go with him.

35. When you finally find water after staying thirsty the whole day.


36. They caught the Loch ness monster.

37. Your head isn’t supposed to go in there, buddy.

38. Self-obsessed catto taking photos of himself.


39. Sea spirits, accept our offerings!

40. He looks so happy.

41. This is what sea turtles really think of humans.


42. That tongue though!

43. I’m going to get a vest like that too.

44. Run for your life! Demon doggo is coming!


45. When he says you look cute when you’re angry.

46. An Irish wolfhound next to a car.

47. This polydactyl cat will take over the world.


48. Feel my butt.

49. When your friends challenge you to eat the whole burger in one bite.

50. Silky and lush.

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