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15+ Pet Owners Who Went Overboard When It Came To Giving Their Pets New Exotic Homes

When humans go gaga over their animals, something very crazy soon follows…always.

I love animals., especially cats and dogs. And I believe the majority of us do. They are so precious and pure. Not for once, you would see them faking a smile or faking any emotion, with an exception of when they are hungry. They like to make innocent faces for extra treats and the saddest faces when their pot of food is finished.


And it’s all welcomed and loved by their owners. Pet owners love to spoil their pets. You could say that the ego we see in some of those pet cats is sometimes induced by their own owners. That’s how it should always be. Animals love praise, they love when their owners show them acceptance through many different ways. Pet owners adopt animal babies with one mission and vision in mind;  to give their pets a furever home and the best life possible.

Some people or pet parents really like to go overboard with this. So much so that the things they do for their pets can be categorized as crazy. Today, I’ll show you the efforts of these pet owners who gave their pets the rooms/houses of their dreams. From a bunk bed to a fully furnished apartment, they’ve done it all.

Scroll down below to enjoy examples of endless love. Try not to get jealous because some of these rooms or houses may be better than ours.

1. “My boy on his couch.” That looks comfy as heck.

Credits: emybadwolf/Reddit

2. “The Bridge! Another cat tree I just finished” This is what you call going out of your way to do something for your pets. What a guy!


Credits: Thorn2800/Reddit

3. “My aunt made a couch for my cat, Pippin” Not gonna lie, it’s a 50/50 on whether the cat likes it or not.


Credits: Winflow_2/Reddit

4. It looks like a mix between a bed and a hammock. A modern hamm-ed?


Credits: Thetaylorlove/Reddit

5. “My dad built my cat a new bed for Christmas!”


Credits: Jessiebears/Reddit

6. “A premium camping store in Tokyo had this for pets. We bought it for our girl, Luna, with no hesitation.” Camper kitty looks so happy in her new tent.


Credit: Bluecandyflosss/Reddit

7. Just chillin’ in the bedroom catching up on favorite shows.



Credits: Bry_in_the_shy/Reddit

8. “A tiny bed I found at a flea market for $5. They said it was for dolls. I painted it white and added a decal of her name, Gally.” Name engraved on your bed. That’s a whole new level of cool.


Credits: Skittle_kittle/Reddit

Wow. Absolutely majestical, the lives these pets are living. They must be really lucky to have hoomans like that. Yes, they really do realize. They may not know how to react properly. But in their hearts, the love volume just keeps surging and gets to a point where the bond between these animals and their lovely owners becomes inseparable, and trust us, no connectivity issues either. Language barriers tend to just disappear when cohesion takes over.

Let’s look at some more crazy houses pet owners have either bought or gone all the way to build for their deserving pets.

9. “My cats have their own apartment.” I am 22 and my total assets are 1 laptop and a couple of clothes.”


Credits: jodellemicahferland/Reddit

10. “My 10-week-old foster babies enjoying their new paw-lor.” Now that is exactly how you end up with spoiled kitties.

Credits: m***p***/Reddit

11. “Received a cat swing for Christmas, and it’s safe to say we both approve.” I want one!


Credits: ChopSuey91/Reddit

12. “Made a dog house for my best buds.” Aww, what a dad!

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Credits: bronco986/Reddit

13. “My old friend needed a new bed, so I made him one.” A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Credits: Richicash/Reddit

14. “Had to bribe him with baby carrots to get in but he’s learning to love it.” An exotic home for a deserving doggo. Well done hooman.

Credits: ajax5686/Reddit

15. “I’m a carpenter and had a free weekend, so I made my dog a bed.”


Credits: PQ6/Reddit

16. “My wife convinced me to make our kittens bunk beds, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.” Effort and time put in the right place.

Credits: sambobmac/Reddit

We hope you guys loved it as much as we did while curating these lovely efforts of put owners for you guys. Which house was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below. Feel free to share what crazy things you have done for your pet animals.


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