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Men Shared What Annoys Them Most About Other Men & We All Can Agree

Could you ever imagine that men would hate something about the same sex?

I didn’t. But then I came around this Reddit thread that lead me to believe that men do indeed find some traits about other men extremely toxic and unsatisfying. I think I just hit the lottery with these comments!

Yes, there are a hundred things that us women hate in men. But what do men hate about their fellow male species? Are you ready to find out?

An important question, guys!

Via u/Pitiful_Airline1092

1. “Typical male behavior” is what most of us would call it.

Via u/Tropical_Geek1

2. Confusion of the minds.

Via u/StonedHusk

3. Legit!

Via u/pcbmale

4. They do that?

Via u/FuddyuL

5. I would love to hear the explanation behind it.

Via u/readit1000times

6. The most commonly hated trait in men.

Via u/FingolfinX

7. They think they know everything and anything.

Via u/Ethreal_Omni

8. A thousand thumbs up for this one!

Via u/Bearded_Wonder0713

9. I 100% am with this guy. To hell with the people who say “men don’t cry”. Explain to me why?

Via u/BigFuckHead_

10. I can actually picture the second one right now in my head.

Via u/Changeurblinkerfluid

11. We don’t trust and like you!

Via u/Numble

12. And to top it off, some women fall for it!

Via u/godca_grema

13. And their wife babysits them 🙂

Via u/Bret_B

14. Who does that?

Via u/dontwannausemyRN

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