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10+ People Who Should Not Be Allowed Anywhere Near The Kitchen

Everyone has a unique relationship with cooking.

Some people love to cook but only when they are in the mood for it and others hate to cook but have to because how else are they going to eat? I would say I fall somewhat in between but a bit closer to the latter. While I am not a big fan of cooking I don’t hate it with a passion and most of the time I have to whip up something or else I’d have to starve.

However, I am surprised that the following people haven’t starved or burned their kitchen down by now. I am well aware that not everyone is skilled in the kitchen but the following images take it to a whole new level. I never knew that some people don’t have the slightest idea of how to cut an avocado.

#1 How is he gonna eat the whole stump of broccoli?

Via Imgur

#2 All I can say is why?

Via Imgur

#3 Rather than banana bread, this is banana and bread.

Via Kun360

#4 Just keep the tasteless waste and throw away the stock, makes sense.

Via moby323

#5 Is that even a potato anymore?

Via mushroomwig

#6 How can someone not know the difference between plastic and glass?

Via ZimmeM03

#7 I never knew knives were so sharp that they could cut a wooden cutting board.

Via ItsQ 

#8 At first I thought It was cheese but then I realize they put the plastic in the oven.

Via bveltzeeland

#9 All I want to know is that where did that black eyes came from?

Via PainfulAnon

Yes, I am well aware it is avocado made to look like Jabba the hut but who even likes Jabba enough to eat him on toast in the morning? And what are those black things? Perhaps raisins? We may never find out.

#10 Was that an apple or a rock?

Via amazon

#11 Chocolate usually melts much faster. I wonder what happened here.

Via ThEgg

#12 Even I can mess up rice sometimes but how does this even happen?

Via avrdal

#13 No worries, it’s a chunky horse.

Via monsterman3000

#14 Why would you open a jar of peanut butter like this?

Via imgur

#15 This person created molten lava while cooking caramel.

Via Skiddle1138

#16 Raw and cooked meat on top of each other? I can already hear Gordon Ramsey cursing.

Via Ozavic

#17 Yes, They did cook brownies in a bowl.

Via Da_Real_Mighty

My cousin thought it was a good idea to cook brownies at 1 am and this is the result. He cooked it in a bowl.

Maybe they wanted to create a brownie bowl? After all it is all the rage these days with waffle bowls, pizza bowls, and much more.

#18 How does one not notice the plastic wrap?

Via Real_sg4bomb

#19 Maybe they were trying to make carrot bread but failed?

Via cats_and_cake

My boyfriend said he’d make dinner while I took Grandma grocery shopping and I came home to bread and carrots. This took him an hour.

#20 I wonder why they didn’t like Babybel.

Via imgur

Would you ever let these people in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments down below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.


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